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Planet Czech: The fascinating adventure of animals and nature around us

As an exciting environment, which does not match with the exotic landscapes in the diversity and adventure, Czech film "Planet Česko" by director Marián Polák shows Czech nature. The commentary by actor Kryštof Hádek, a commentary, is a thrilling show for both adults and children who, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, show fascinating stories of more than forty species of animals.

Spectators in Planet Czechoslovakia will see, for example, snowshoeing snowshoeing, syllables with children in the meadow, a Kingfisher snapping in the hunt for the water, salmon traveling from the Czech rivers into the sea and back or snake in a dramatic game of fish prey and other animals. Beauty and adventure are at your fingertips - just look good. Planet Czechoslovakia enters cinemas today.

Trailer to the movie

The inspiration for filming a film about Czech nature was for Marián Polák's great diversity in relatively small territory and also the filming that he graduated abroad. "I've been making a lot of movies about nature on a lot of beautiful and distant places on my planet, and that's when I realized that everything was just the point of view," says director Marián Polák. "After spending weeks in the tropical rainforest, I've always started to look forward to our Czech hills and 'ordinary' animals - it was suddenly very exotic to me," adds Polak.
The Planet Czech Republic is an exciting expedition for muflons, dwarfs, beavers, faded frogs, a rare alpine beetle, the smallest oyster, but also a butterfly of bitter blue and other heroes. "I love watching movies about nature, I have a favorite edition of BBC Earth documentaries, and the Czech Republic is basically similar to them, but it's so popular in our basin, and I like it very much, it's a movie for the whole family. educational and can teach children a positive relationship to their surroundings, which they consider to be exceptional, " says actor Kryštof Hádek, who commented on the planet Czechia.

The crew, headed by the director, traveled tens of thousands of kilometers by car, train, and bicycle and used a total of fifteen different cameras and cameras. The filmmakers have not always been fortunate for the animals they wanted to make, for the first time. "To make good beavers living in many places in our country was quite a nutshell, because they are night animals with excellent sense of smell. It took us many days and nights before we succeeded in capturing their story," explains Marián Polák.

Also important was the casting of animal actors. The filmmakers decided to shoot animals that are a bit used to the human presence and wanted to make the selection as diverse as possible. In the film, you can see what sorts and sizes of different animals from ants to stubborn teeth. There were dozens of experts working on the planet of the Czech Republic - zoologists, biologists, nature conservationists and other advisors, who contributed, for example, to their field knowledge and knowledge of animal behavior. Planet Czech Republic offers stories of real wild animals, not static atlas shots.

Film Planet Czech Republic was created thanks to Nature, who is interested! Beleco has long been active in the field of nature conservation. It is the culmination of the three-year Stories of Czech Nature campaign, which aims to introduce a new perception of the relationship between man and the landscape in terms of "nature all around us" .

Source: tz, edited editorially
Photo to tz: O. Prosický

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