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Winter Olympic Centers attract skiers to this day

The Winter Olympic Games, the biggest sports day of the year, are in full swing. Athletes are measuring their strengths in the long Pchjongchang this year, but European cities have hosted the Winter Olympics several times, and sports venues are still open to tourists. In France, they come to their loving terrain lovers, luxury supporters in Switzerland and snowboard enthusiasts in Italy.

The birthplace of the Olympic thought is a paradise for freeride skiers

The French city of Chamonix at the foot of Mont Blanc boasts a very rich history. This is the first version of the Winter Olympics. It was held in 1924 as the prelude to the Summer Olympics under the name of Winter Sports Week, but this event was later marked as the first ever Winter Olympic Games ever. The unique atmosphere in the area of ​​Chamonix admire skiers to this day. Mont Blanc, on the one hand, and the deep valley of the Arva River, on the other hand, offer to all lovers of the winter an atmosphere that is unparalleled in the Alps. Winter sports can be enjoyed by tourists in several ski areas. "Chamonix is ​​also a true paradise for freeride skiers. Trying out here is perhaps the most famous, twenty-mile downhill run of the Vallée Blanche, which starts at 3,842 meters above sea level, " recommends Michal Tůma (

Saint Moritz is a symbol of luxury

The Swiss city of St. Moritz has visited the Olympic Games twice. In 1928, the first independent Winter Olympics took place here, Twenty years later, St. Moritz hosted the first Olympic Games after the end of World War II. Saint Moritz is therefore rightly considered the cradle of winter sports. Today, this area is popular especially for more demanding clientele, who come here for luxury, quality services, sunny climate and perfect snow conditions. Downhill skiers can use one of the three resorts. The largest, Corviglia, lies on the southern slopes just above the city and offers good conditions for beginners. In higher positions, up to 3,000 meters above sea level, difficult and rugged slopes are also available for testing. The opposite Corvatsch has a beautiful view of the frozen Lake Silvaplana. Skiers will appreciate the modern glazed chair lift, which runs up to 3,300 meters high, and a quality glacier ride. A triple of resorts, usually covered by one skipass, are closed by Diavolezza / Lagalb. There are fewer slopes in this area, but there are skiers of all levels here.

The ski season in Norway lasts for half a year

The Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway, were particularly outstanding at the date of their conduct. They did in 1994 two years after the last games, following the decision of the International Olympic Committee that the Winter Olympics will no longer take place in the same year as the Summer Olympics. Even today, the well-known ski resort of Kvitfjell was built for this sporting event. Today, he often hosts the world championships in speed disciplines and the local steep slopes are famous among the skiers. Besides steep slopes, however, in this young center you will also find less demanding slopes, snowparks and facilities for families with children. In addition, Norway is a typical love for cross-country skiing. Lovers of cross-country skiing can enjoy many quality tracks around Kvitfjell. "In the eastern region of Norway, the resorts can offer a great deal of quality snow, so the ski season lasts from November until the end of April. A full-day skipass will be paid for 430 Norwegian crowns, or about 44 euros, " comments Michal Tůma.

Turin attracts snowboarders and lovers of adrenaline congresses

The Jubilee Twentieth Olympics took place in Turin, Italy, in 2006. A city in the northwestern part of Italy welcomed sportspeople to 15 different sports venues in the city or its surrounding area. The main venue for ski disciplines has become the Sansicario Fraiteve Resort, which stretches on the mountainside of Monte Fraiteve. Twelve years after the end of the Olympic Games, skiers have been offering 31 downhill courses of varying difficulty. The biggest attraction is the 3.5-kilometer long piste called the Pista Olimpica, leading from the Monte Fraiteve peak to the village of Sansicario, where in 2006 there were just three Olympic races. There are 11 ski lifts and cable cars for visitors to the area. A daily ski pass is available for EUR 34 per person.

During the Winter Olympics in Turin, snowboarding was also given more space, and the snowboard cross was included for the first time on the Olympic Sports List. All snowboard disciplines have been hosted by the Bardonecchia Mountain Resort, which boasts the perfect backdrop for riders on the board today. Freeride skiing lovers also come here, but there are, of course, a number of slopes for less skilful skiers. In addition, in Bardonecchia, the Olympic Village was built in 2006, so the hotels are often newly renovated and offer very comfortable accommodation.

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