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St. John's Wort - a herb easing soul

Some have ever met with mood and irritability. If you are also troubled by such troubles, and you suffer from insomnia, let nature be treated. Herbal preparations and vitamins are the right ones.

Plant of many names

St. John's, the flower of Virgin Mary, the blood of Christ, love, bells, or witchcraft. All these are the names for St John's wort - a herb that has a great impact on our mental health. St. John's wort contains a plant-colored juice of red color, distinguishing it from other plants. From this herb can be prepared tea, tincture and Jan's oil. Production is not difficult, but do not combine the resulting products with antidepressants.

He can do a lot

The active substances of St. John's wort are hypericin and hyperforin. They have an antidepressant effect and are part of some antidepressants. Regarding effects on psyche, one can not forget the irreplaceable role of this herb in dealing with insomnia, hysteria and depression. St. John's wort is used inter alia for the treatment of night-sweating and irregular menstrual cycles. It is used locally to relieve pain and treat inflammation.

Harmless magic

1. Tea from dried herbs
From the stuffed St. John's wort, supplemented with dried leaves of melons or goodies, you will prepare a soothing herbal tea. It is used for sleeping problems.

2. Tincture is a problem
You'll need two handful of St John's wolves and vodka. Put a St. John's wort into a medium-sized shutter glass and pour vodka. Place the glass in a sunny place and rest for 3 weeks. Spoonfuls of water supplemented with 10 drops of this tincture are used for anxiety and nausea.

3. Sweet oil
Similarly, Jan's oil can be prepared. It is used for pains of joints, muscles and tendons, but also for surface injuries - abrasions and bruises. Use a slightly dyed blossom to fill the closing glass to prevent the resulting product from becoming inflamed. Olive or sunflower oil pour into the glass to the edge and snap. After 4 weeks, blend the cloth over the cloth and keep it in the dark and cool.

Vitamin on nerves

In order to maintain good mood, it is also advisable to consume foods with vitamin B6. Similar to meat and vegetarian food (nuts, legumes and cereals), this "vitamin on the nerves" contains. The body plays an important role in the nervous system and is used inter alia for the treatment of nervous disorders and depression. To get enough of this vitamin, just keep a balanced diet with plenty of protein. They are rich in vitamin B6.

Author: Jakub Žiška
Source: U lékař

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