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This pig is a dangerous creature, especially wild

Wild wild boars, or wild animals, as hunters say, are in nature, but they are a problem in the cultural landscape. After the Second World War, when fields were disturbed, deer animals, both high and pigs, came to the free countryside. At first, it was about the pleasure of the people's hunters, but later it turned out that the problems prevailed.

Overburdened wild boars devastate the field, but worse, they become the spread of dangerous diseases, currently Aujeszky's disease and African swine fever.

Thanks to the veterinary measures, classical swine fever (KMP) has been eliminated in the 1990s, but other risks are now emerging. For example, pig Aujeszky's disease, which is dangerous both to wild and domestic swine, but also threatens, for example, hunting dogs, or dogs with which humans are moving in the landscape. After contact with a diseased pig, that is after the injury, the ingestion of part of the guts, but also the contact with the carcass, the dog is infected practically immediately and he / she dies. The vaccine does not exist on the market yet, but it is developing. Care should be taken, therefore, both as hunters with dogs in hunts, as well as people in the wild with dogs - it is advisable to keep them on a leash. The risk of infection is real, because about 30% of feral pigs are positive. And we are not talking about the risk of domesticated pigs.

Another very current risk is the African swine fever (AMP). The Chamber of Veterinarians offered help in fighting this disease. However, it seems that, after a series of rather controversial measures , it would be most effective to reduce the number of feral pigs. In fact, in the 1990s, state and private veterinarians have pointed out this problem of overgrowth. Our neighbors, farmers from Germany, today, for example, call for a reduction in the number of feral pigs by 70%. The hitherto adopted measures often do not take into account the specifics of the behavior of feral pigs. The problem would need to be addressed in a comprehensive way , not just where the infection was detected. It is necessary to reduce the number of feral pigs in the whole territory of the Czech Republic, perhaps by hunters being more motivated. And all the pigs that have been caught and dead should be investigated, since 80% of the dead pigs were positive in the zone.

It is clear that catching is difficult, as it should not, remember Bivoj. But even in the Middle Ages, a wild boar was considered to be a good act, and the boarhead was sometimes found in a noble coat of arms. Only pigs should be hunted by hunters, with approved hunting methods. And that should be encouraged. According to the Chamber of Veterinarians, this is probably the only way to solve the situation.

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