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Berlinale Camera for Outstanding Contribution to Cinematography for Jiří Menzel

The Berlinale International Film Festival announced that it will hand over the Berlinale Kamera Award for Lifetime Achievement in Cinematography to the prominent Czech director and actor Jiří Menzel this year.

Recognized film director Jiri Menzel is considered worldwide legend of Czech film. The award to Jiří Menzel will be given on the occasion of the world premiere of Martin Šulík 's interpreter , in which the Czech actor played a leading role alongside Austrian colleague Peter Simonischek . The award will have a more significant context because Menzel takes it on February 23, on the eve of his 80th birthday .

It is significant that one of Menzel's most acclaimed films Skřivánci na fiti had in 1990 premiered at the Berlin festival, 21 years after it was shot and then banned in communist Czechoslovakia. Jiri Menzel receives this prestigious award together with European film market director Beki Probst and Israeli producer and director of Israeli film fund Katriel Schory.

Film Interpreter is one of three films representing Czech cinematography at this Berlinale. It is a story of two men who bring together a random mention of the events of the Second World War that tragically marked the fate of their families. Ali (George Menzel) and Bonvivan and alcoholic Georg (Peter Simonischek), two people with different life experiences who would not have spent several minutes in other circumstances, go on a tour of Slovakia to try to find a long-forgotten past . The journey of gossiping old ladies is full of bickering, comic and dramatic situations in which they have the opportunity to get to know each other, to gain respect for themselves and to discover the surprising connections of events that they have both remarked fundamentally.

The film Translator, shot in the Slovak-Czech-Austrian co-production, is the work of the Slovak director Martin Šulík (Martin Šulík) and the screenwriter Mark Leščák (Marek Leščák) who have already had several successful joint films such as Zahrada 1995 or Orbis Pictus 1997). Cinematographer Martin Štrba . The main roles were created by Jiří Menzel and Austrian actor Peter Simonischek , holder of the European Film Award for Best Actor in 2016 for the film Toni Erdmann . In addition to the main actor, Zuzana Mauréry, Eva Kramer and Attila Mokos will also star in the film. For the director's third return to the Berlinale program - in 2001 it is stated in the Panorama section Krajinka film and in 2003 the Forum Key to Determining Dwarfs.

The film will be premiered on February 27th in Lucerne, Prague, and will be distributed on 15 March 2018.

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