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You jump a parachute and hope you hit well. You do not have any confidence. Still looking for a quality medical facility in the Czech Republic. Nothing like the official rankings of hospitals, the clinic, or the surgery.

You move and you need a " bumper" or a dentist. The planned operation is waiting for you and you want to know it will be done well. Your doctor has decided to retire and you are looking for a new one. All this is a common situation when one comes into contact with the health system and tries to confess it. Just the basic task of finding your doctor can be quite complicated. Whether because your expert looks "full" and there is no free-standing medical facility or you are not sure that the doctor or your doctor will take care of you. So how do you find "right" or "right" ?

Your home address does not matter

Exceptionally, each patient can choose where to heal. That means it's up to you to go to the surgery you have around the corner, or you decide to commute. You can apply this right when you need psychiatric help or venerology, and you really do not want to meet a neighbor from the third floor. On the other hand, Czech laws lay down certain limits that restrict this right. However, medical equipment can not refuse you just so. "For example, there is a situation where the capacity, operational reasons or insufficient staffing or technical equipment are full. Possibly this is an insured whose health insurance company does not have a health facility with a contract, " explains Jolana Těšinová, head of the Institute of Public Health and Medical Law of the First Faculty of Medicine. But you can not be denied in really crisis situations when you are literally living. But if you're just scratching your throat on the fifth day and somehow not going to go to your GP, they probably will not be nice to you on the alert.

Still, you may have a problem with looking for a health care facility to take care of you. Before you lose total despair, try to ask for help elsewhere than on your Facebook.

Even though this is not a bad idea, because you can get along with the contact right now. However, take these recommendations with a reservation. The institution that is really able to advise you is your health insurance company. "If the client gets into a situation where he can not find the required medical practitioner, or if the proposed treatment term is too long, he can turn to his health insurance company to help find a suitable workplace. This is also the case if the client does not suit his current doctor and wants to change it , " explains Ladislav Friedrich, president of the Association of Health Insurance Companies. So your health insurance company's branch should serve as an imaginary signpost. If you accidentally look for a dental clinic that accepts new patients, look directly at the Stomatological Chamber of the Czech Republic. An interactive map will find you nearest clinics based on where you are, and also find out if it has free capacities for new patients.

Make your ears and do not forget to ask

Knowing where to accept new patients is just a partial success. Still, you do not know anything about the quality of care given by the workplace. To find it is like experiencing a detective search for yourself. "Try to imagine jumping with a parachute and hoping to hit well. You do not have the security, " compares the search for a quality medical facility Tomáš Cikrt, the pharmacist and editor of the portal.

According to him, a Czech patient can not easily find information about the quality of care in individual patients
ambulances, polyclinics, or hospitals simply because there is nothing like an official ranking of quality.

"If you are lucky, you will find workplaces where you will be well cared for, and will still be nice, others will not be so nice, but health care will be good, and you may also find yourself going somewhere unpleasant and nor care will be too much, " adds Cikrt. On the other hand, it is fair to admit that Czech healthcare is not bad at all compared to other European states and, on the contrary, because of the limited funds flowing into it, it is also very effective .

Humanity in particular How to get to know where to get treated? If it is not your life and you have quite a lot of time to find, it is good to concentrate on a few things. To begin with, it's a good idea to think about whether a particular healthcare facility has enough experience with the health problems that bother you. If you need to go for a more demanding operation, you can contact the management of a particular hospital department by email, considering that you would like to be allowed to operate with them. Many hospitals publish data on how many specific treatments they perform on individual departments, which is good.

Generally, the more often the team of health workers performs the surgery, the better it is to manage the entire surgical procedure, and at the same time it is able to solve any complications because they have met with them in the past.

Already, how do health care professionals treat you when you want them, will give you a lot of information as well as the way the site is presented externally. Has my own web or facebook pages? Does it regularly update it and wants the public to have as much information as possible about how health workers work or keep silent? You may find it inappropriate to ask, but contacting healthcare professionals is often better than relying on anonymous internet discussion. Just because people have a natural tendency to share their bad experiences, while those who are satisfied are usually silent. The resulting impression distorts a lot. In addition, patients usually do not assess the quality of care provided as more "humanity" of access to healthcare professionals.

Source: tz, editorial mail

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