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Ski passes - what to watch out for?

Prices of ski passes on the Czech mountains are rising, so skiers try to save money in a variety of ways. In recent years, one interesting phenomenon has grown. Skiers buy a full day ticket but only ski for part of the day and then sell it or give it to someone else. In an effort to prevent ski resorts from taking pictures of their customers, they will be blocked by a passage of another person on the same time. Despite the initial disappointment, Czech skiers, as well as those foreigners, have become accustomed to. Is such a practice at all possible?

Tickets are divided by law into those that are in the name and those that are on the holder .
You are in the name of a particular person, as a rule they have the character of season tickets and their lending to someone else is generally inadmissible.
For ticket holders it is different. It is not only the buyer who has the right to use the ticket, it would have to be individual to the casu, but the one who will prove his valid ticket. "The law does not prohibit the transfer of a ticket to someone to use the right to transport," says Lukas Zeleny, head of the Legal Department of the consumer organization dTest, adding: "In the past, even the courts had stopped the people who bought the ticket from another skier with the intention of selling it. The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic in 2006, in a simplified way, declared that there was nothing unlawful. "

But the ski resorts have their own conditions where you can find Ledasco. Sometimes he declares that "by going through a turnstile, the ticket is devalued and is tied to the person of the holder, which is non-transferable" . This variant is legally outrageous because the holder is the one who controls the ticket and considers it her own, which at one point may be one and at the other moment a completely different person, the intended depreciation will make the ticket of the holder of the name-name ticket difficult .

Other times, in the conditions of the ski resorts you will find only a laconic statement that the ticket is non-transferable and must not be borrowed or sold . There is no choice for skiers to come to this option if they want to ride and nothing else does. However, any condition of a contract may be examined in the light of whether an entrepreneur abuses his position unreasonably against the consumer. There is no doubt that the operator has the right to prevent such abuse when more than one person travels at the same time, so every turnstile has a set time interval in which the ticket can be used for the next ride. Is it a misuse of a ticket if one person rides it in the morning and another one in the afternoon? According to the Supreme Court of the CR, not. But he has dealt with the criminal aspect of the matter. An angry consumer with a blocked ski pass has not yet turned to court, so the question of abusing the status of the ski resort operator is still open.

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