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Jammie Cullum arrives at Slovak Pohoda

Probably no one has done so much for the popularization of jazz in the 21st century as Jammie Cullum. The historically best-selling jazz musician in the UK, piano virtuosos, an unmistakable singer and performer have become famous for their fantastic adaptations of compositions of every genre, but also for unusual live concerts.

Jammie Cullum can transform the concert wing into a giant cajon without a wink, or quietly in a jumping bridge. Meanwhile, he manages the famed piano solos, beatbox, uses looper and mainly brilliantly cooperates with both teammates and audiences. His concerts do not multiply the experience of his albums, but he excites them. This July, Jammie Cullum will present an energetic proof of its originality and genius at the 22nd Pohoda, which takes place between 5th and 7th July at Trenčín Airport .

Among other confirmed artists we find names like The Chemical Brothers, St. Petersburg. Vincent, Ziggy Marley, SOJA, Little Dragon, Aurora, Fink, Calexico, Danny Brown, El Gusto, La Femme, Reykjavíkurdætur, Zeal & Ardor, Mitch & Mitch, Rebel babel, Knight, Glass Animals .

Jammie Cullum

The biggest jazz popularizer is only 164 centimeters, but behind the microphone and the piano will shade anyone. He has a Grammy nomination, two Golden Globes, three Brit Awards and many more. He is also a successful (and undecided) moderator, and his show on the BBC 2 has helped glory such as Gregory Porter and Laura Mvula.

The beginnings of Jammie Cullum were not pink, he earned his studies by playing bars, weddings and streets. Jamie Cullum's debut album Triob-Heard it All Before was released at his own expense. CDs, whose production cost 500 pounds, are now sold on eBay for $ 800 a piece. The second Pointless Nostalgic album enchanted Michael Parkinson's celebrated performer, and Jammie's show in his show was catapulting the pop music stars. This was confirmed by the Universal Three-Album Agreement, and the first of them, Twentysomething, made Jammie Cullum the best-selling jazzman in Britain all the time. The album gathered around the world eleven times platinum, the same number of gold plaques and two silver. Jammie Cullum, who also served as a drummer in a hip-hop band or as a guitarist in rock band Raw Sausage, is behind Glastonbury Headliner. He starred with Stevie Wonder, NERD, collaborating with Dan Nakamura or Pharell Williams on other albums, composing film music for Clint Eastwood.

Billboard has remarkably remarked that most artists who have been trying to break the walls between genres have been feeling too much effort and often cramping, Jammie Cullum just stays with himself, while the mental walls and genre drawers are crawling around. One of the most sophisticated and funniest musicians of the day will confirm this at this year's Cool.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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