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Hi grandpa.

Two-generation exhibition of paintings by Pavel Raszka and his granddaughter, artist Monika Kočendová. To be seen from 24 January to 11 March in the Gallery on the ground floor of the New Town Hall.

"I saw my grandfather only once in my life. It was summer 1979 and I was thirteen years old. We met at a cottage in the Beskydy Mountains. He built it shortly before the solitary war in the woods under Pustevny. For myself, my wife and my little daughter, my mom. Water to the cottage brought an incredible mountain stream system. Electricity produced a wind dynamo. My mother spent her childhood there. The water system usually does not work. There was only one big scoop on the ground than a wooden propeller.
Still, my mom returns to this summer all the time ... to rejuvenate. We were then on a stony path. Grandfather was sitting on the terrace in a comfortable lounger. When he saw us, he slowly rose. He spoke quietly. He was after larynx surgery. The consequence of his smoking passion ... and soon death. I liked it but I was ashamed of him. I drank him. He was primarily a landscaper. Nature inspired him. On my travels with my grandmother I also painted cities, sea and people. When I draw, I feel like he's standing behind me and looking. Hi grandpa. "

Monika KOČENDOVÁ (* 19 February 1966 Prague)

In 1984 she graduated from the Secondary School of Painting in Prague. She then worked in the Czechoslovak television cartoon. After 1989, she started to freelance. It produced glazed ceramics, jewelery and small sculptures.

She spent an annual stay in the USA (2013-2014), an intense and fruitful art period. In 2014 she had a solo exhibition at the Edgerton Center for Performing Arts Gallery at Sacred Heart University. As a member of the Connecticut Pastel Society, she has performed at the Meriden annual exhibition of this association (2014) and won the Jerry's Artarama of the West Hartford Award for "Frozen Silence".

The levels, the reflections of the surrounding landscape on the water surface and the fish living under the surface ... are its worlds. During a recent three-month stay in Japan (2016), she created a series of pastels focussed primarily on the sea and the coast of Okinawa.

In Prague's Dejvice he has a private art studio, where he devotes himself to his own work. It works with clay, wood and other materials. It is inspired mainly by nature. He deals with painting, collage, frottage, but also with dry pastel art. Repeated layering often gives the impression that her drawings act more like painting. They are characterized by gentle vibration as if they lived through their own lives. At Dejvicka atelier he also conducts art courses for children and adults. In this way, he tries to give as much of his artistic experience and experience as possible.


(* 23. 4. 1907 Frýdek-Místek, † 12. 8. 1979 Brno)
Pavel Raszka came from the old Polish family.
From his childhood he worked in the studio of his uncle, Silesian painter Josef Raszka, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. For more than two years, he led the ateliers of Professor Sokiranski in Petřvald. Later he lived in Ostrava where he had his own studio.

Before World War II, he traveled a lot with his wife, especially in southern Europe. He worked hard all the time. In 1937 they lived in Paris for a while in Montmartre in an apartment overlooking the Sacré Coeur. The owner of one of those galleries organized a sales exhibition. It was so successful that after returning to Moravia, in 1938, the painter could begin the planned construction of a dream mountain chalet. It still stands in a beautiful place under Pustevny, which Pavel Raszka had previously discovered on his paintings in the Beskydy Mountains. Two years later, he brought his wife here with a half-year old daughter. Together, there were many happy and wild summer years.

About 1949 he left Ostrava to Brno, where he founded a new family. However, the Beskydy and the cottage stayed faithful until his death.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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