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World curiosities in road traffic rules

In general, people under the age of eighteen can use the wheel of a passenger car. However, everyone in the Alaska can get behind the wheel everybody who has reached the age of fourteen ...

Who can drive

In general, people under the age of eighteen can use the wheel of a passenger car. However, everyone in the Alaska can get behind the wheel everybody who has reached the age of fourteen. In Niger, they are stricter, and there can be no more than twenty-three. In Saudi Arabia, however, they are very strict on women. They can not use the wheel at all, regardless of age. You can travel by car only accompanied by a male member of your family. If no one is available, he has to hire a master. "Saudi Arabia is the last state in the world where women can not take the wheel. However, only until June 2018, when this regulation will cease to apply, " says Roman Budský of the Road Safety Team.

Before we go

In Denmark, every driver is waiting for a small ritual to be held by the driver before he or she is convinced that the child is not hiding under the vehicle. In Russia, driving a dirty vehicle. No matter whether it is dirty outside or inside. The assessment is for the policeman. Sometimes, however, Russian drivers solve a difficult dilemma - in the winter months they must ride with a clean registration mark, but it can only be cleaned on the domestic land or on the washing line. In San Francisco, the one who is cleaning his car can not be in lingerie. In Texas, cars must be equipped with wipers, but the front window does not have to.

How to behave in traffic

In most countries, the roads are on the right. On the left, drivers must be held in about eighty countries. About two-thirds of the world's population thus resides in right-handed states.

The United States is far from uniform in terms of road traffic rules. And there are also a number of real traits. For example, in Alabama, it is forbidden to drive with eyes closed. In other parts of the United States, they are more conciliatory, and the method is "only" considered dangerous. In California it is forbidden to use the road as a bed. It is also forbidden to leap from a vehicle at a rate of more than 65 miles per hour. In North Carolina there is a ban on transit through cemeteries. In West Virginia, they are benevolent when it comes to eating animals slammed by a vehicle. In Connectitut, there is a ban on whaling from the vehicle. In addition, anyone who crosses the road will be fined. New Jersey will be punished by anyone who sets up a tree in the middle of the street. In Nevada, you must not be on a camel road. Everyone who goes into service on a nasty horse will be fined in Washington. In Florida, you must not catch a goat, elephant or alligator parking clock unless you pay a parking fee. In Ontario, you can ride along the highway in open sleighs drawn by horses. However, sans must have at least two bells. Kansas is considered to be driving with hitting tires for hooliganism. The offense must count on a thirty-day prison. Touristically popular US states of Nevada, Hawaii, Alaska, and California are making too slow a ride. In South Carolina, for the change, the storage of garbage in cars is affected. They do not have anything against the skateboard in Florida. However, the rider must have a special license.

Indeed, in the European Union and around the world, we can find curiosities. In the UK, they explicitly order driving a vehicle from the front seat. In Germany, only police, fire and ambulance vehicles can be stopped on the motorway. Others are strictly forbidden. And this also applies to emergency stalls because of the "dry" tank. This is also the result of the driver's negligence, which may also endanger not only his but also other road users. Austrian police officers can only rely on their judgment in zones with a speed limit of up to 30 km / h when assessing the speed of a passing vehicle. Watch Pedestrian in Switzerland. Whenever they are allowed to enter the road and the driver is not to endanger them. In Macedonia, no one who is visibly under the influence of alcohol, or a co-driver, can sit in the front seat.

And what else in the rest of the world. In Georgia, there is an explicit ban on crossing the playgrounds. It is also forbidden to spit from a passenger car or bus. However, the prohibition does not apply to truck drivers. Similarly, parliamentarians should not be penalized in Georgia at a time when Parliament is sitting. In Thailand, no one can drive a car, a bus or even a fat-fat dressed "above without" . In Japan, every adult can drink alcohol in the car, but only until he shows signs of enthusiasm. Then he could be dealing with local law enforcement officers. In addition, anyone who sits in a vehicle driven by a drunken driver will be punished as severely as a wagon driver. In China, drivers are forbidden to stop if a pedestrian is in their driving range. In addition, you can only sit with the driver in the country behind the wheel. Near Mecca there is a freeway section where only Muslims are allowed to enter. The others have to choose a substitute route. Japan, telecommunications superpower. And yet, drivers can not use any speaker devices while driving. Not even hands-free kits. In the United Arab Emirates, camels always have priority.

What is (not) allowed to do in a car

In California, women are prohibited from driving a car in a dressing-room. In the state of Kentucky, women can only be dressed in swimsuits. But only assuming they have a firearm for self-defense. The second most respected solution is that they are accompanied by two police officers. The Germans are allowed to drive their vehicles completely naked without weapons and police escorts. The cabin of a car is considered to be a private space. But be careful! Drivers must have at least a bad boot. Otherwise, the insurance company will not pay for the damage caused by a traffic accident. New York punishes anyone who gets dressed in a vehicle. "In Cyprus, they have recently severely punished drivers who eat and drink while driving. Beware, it also involves drinking plain, clean water. And they are also punished by drivers who unintentionally take their hand off the wheel. The measure is intended to get drivers to fully engage in driving, which should increase the level of safety on local roads, " explains Roman Budsky.

We travel with animals

Alaska is forbidden to transport dogs tied to the roof of the vehicle. She is also punished if she is lying in the streets for sex. In Montana, the sheep must not be transported in the cabin of the truck. However, the ban does not apply if a suitable escort is available. In Minnesota, you can ride a gorilla. But she must always sit in the front seat. In Italy, it is good to remember keeping a dog with safety belts.

Nothing human is alien to us ...

Drivers in the UK can meet their needs if necessary. However, the urinals must out of the road, at the rear wheel, and they must rest with their right hand on the vehicle. In Idaho, a police patrol must be used to light beacons for at least three minutes of a siren before anyone interrupts a romantic play in his vehicle.

"In a number of countries, our people may come across quirky rules at first glance. Everywhere, however, safe passage to the finish is a special bonus for a responsible and predictable ride , " concludes Roman Budský.

Source: tz, Road Safety Team

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