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Do you know that omega-3 fatty acids alleviate the symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD is a disturbance of attention, which manifests itself in early childhood. At present, more and more children are hyperactive and suffer from this disorder. Discover how ADHD helps omega-3 fatty acids and why the body can not do without them.

Sardines, tuna, salmon, mackerel, herring or cod. Which of these fish is your favorite? From a health point of view, it is basically one thing. All of these fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids are sometimes referred to as essential. This means that the body can not produce it themselves, so we have to accept them in the diet already "finished". In addition to fatty fish, excellent dietary supplements with these acids are also excellent and well-utilized sources.

And what happens if we do not accept these healthy fats? We will be wasting the heart and nervous system, we will suffer from mood swings, or from thinking and concentration disorders.

For hyperactive children, students, managers and senior citizens

According to research, people with ADHD are also deficient in omega-3 acids. Conversely, the administration of these healthy acids will show:
improving attention and memory,
increasing the ability to concentrate,
relieving anxiety and depression.

For Omega-3 fatty acids, talk to your doctor first.
This determines the daily dose and takes into account other possible treatments. These acids tend to thin the blood. This is absolutely fine and desirable in healthy people who do not take any medication. But when ADHDs are used to lower blood clotting, higher doses of omega-3 acids could cause serious health problems.

Omega-3 can do much more

Do not suffer ADHD? All right, but you should take the omega-3 fatty acid intake. These acids are:
mild symptoms of premenstrual syndrome,
adjust the blood cholesterol level,
thrives heart and blood vessels,
improve the health status of asthmatics.

You may not like fish, and the idea of ​​fish fat on a spoon is not good for you. Look for capsules with omega-3 fatty acids. This elegantly enhances your health and your breath will remain fragrant and enjoyable to your partner and colleagues at work.

Source: U lékař
Author: Jakub Žiška

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