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Female macaques abused for their sexual satisfaction of the Siamese Deer. They face uninterestedly

Information about the fact that some primates use a variety of physical means to treat sexual abuse is not new. But the fact that a female Japanese red-breasted macaque regularly and actively contributes to its own satisfaction with other species is still quite unique. About their unusual behavior, for example, ScienceAlert.

At the beginning of 2017, biologist Marie Peléová from the University of Strasbourg drew attention to the somewhat unusual behavior of the male red-eyed macaque, which belonged to a group of primates observed in the free environment of Yakushima Island. Briefly: The observed individual attempted somewhat unsuccessfully to "seduce" a young female deer and to mow with her. He did not mind the fact that the female is about three times bigger and weighs ten times as much as he does. And then he completely neglected the risk that biologists are filming him at the camera and reporting on the world. Information about the "seemingly sexually frustrated male" then fits between similar stories about animals that are attempting here and there to intercourse with unrelated species. Such things really happen.

Sexual Revolution? No, just sideways

In the 1990s, Pilanesberg's South African pilots repeatedly complained about elephant orphans who jumped on the rhinoceros. In 2008, again, the "degenerate" chimpanzee did well with the frog caught. And the year 2014? He symbolized the harps from the point of view of extreme video shoots. The female extortionists tried to mate with the cormorants, Antarctic sailors had nothing better to do than stick with the penguins. The previously observed behavior of red-eyed mackerel is therefore considered as a minor side-effect in the context of such reports because one such observed science episode does not. Primary scientists from the University of Lethbridge, Canada, have found that they are similarly "abusing" sika deer and dozens of other macaques, males and females living in the Japanese Minoo National Park.

Jeleni sika and makaci in Japan inhabit the same environment. In addition, the deer pays to stay close to the macaques, leaving behind a lot of rusty residue of fruit and other appropriate food. The mutual shyness between these two species has long vanished, and cases of monkeys that are carried on the back of deer are documented. But to use the Siamese deer for sexual satisfaction? "We know that adolescent female macaques have the need to satisfy their sexual desire in a variety of ways," says primalologist Noëlle Gunst. "Relatively routine is offered to males and females, treat them and try to coit them. However, Jeleni Sika was an absolute novelty in this report, and so we tried to make a first comparison of interspecies sexual behavior between the primate and the other species. "

Sex o jelena

Soon, primatologists found that they would not suffer from a lack of documented material for the evaluation. Females of the Minoo macaques attempted a total of 67 connections with other females of their kind and immediately insisted on the sheep's deer. Twenty-five of these "connections" were evaluated as successful: twelve with other females, thirteen with deer. The excitement of females on deer's backs took from a few minutes for an extreme two hours. "The deers have been very uninterested for most of the time," Gunst said. "Some of them walked freely around the habit, chewing on food. Indeed, only a few of them have attempted to shake the female macaques. "

"When you look at the picture record, the thing looks at first sight really innocent,"
Gunst says. "The movements of the mackerel pans confirm something else. What we see is a macaque female who does well with the help of a deer. But the question remains why they do. And we do not have a short and simple answer yet. " Possible hypotheses are several.


Females can practice their sexual movements "nonsense" before they actually enter into real sex life. And this snap-on with non-participating Siamese Deer is definitely safer for them than attempting to pair with reluctant and relatively aggressive males. It can also be a classic relaxation of sexual tension if the male can not just get to mating. Unilateral "deer sex" can stimulate their hormones and be an easy way to satisfy. Their role can also be played by the fact that the mino site is moated two times a day. Therefore, they do not have the need to migrate outside the delimited territory, and so they have "roupy". "Apart from feeding itself, human interaction will not play a role in this unusual behavior," Gunst said. "We'll see what's going on. It may be a short-term sexual difference, from which an unusual cultural phenomenon may also develop. "

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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