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An unknown offender poured hundreds of tires to the bottom of the Brno reservoir

Approximately 250 pieces of tires of different types and sizes are removed by the Mořava River Basin from the Brno water reservoir. Tires probably spilled into the tank. Due to the difficult conditions, the watermen also called heavy machinery. Tire cleaning greatly complicates the weather, the low water temperature in which workers work, and zero water visibility.

The cleaning takes place on an area of ​​approximately 400 meters, starting at the bridge in Veverské Bítýšce. Tires from the bottom of the tank are removed by the workers using a walking excavator, which is designed to work under water. With the help of a crane, the tugs are then loaded onto the truck and driven to ecological use in the Wetland near Brno. Just last Wednesday, the workers made 1,6 tons of tire out of the tank.

Employees of the Povodí Moravy, sp will remove the tires from the tank this week. Estimated cleaning costs for the black landfill will come to tens of crowns.

Apparently, the tires were dumped from the freight wagon directly from the bridge in or near the Veversky Bítýš. The flowing water then pushed the tire into the tank. Discovering tires on the bottom of the water tank allowed the level of the tank to drop in the course of December. Whether the offense or offense is the subject of an investigation.

The Morava River Basin, asking fishermen and local people for cooperation. If you have witnessed an event related to the establishment of a black dump in a water tank or if you saw something suspicious near the bridge at Veverska Bítýška, call: +420 541 637 111 or write [email protected].

Source: tz PMO

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