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Exceptional New Year's Experience in the World? A night in the cemetery and a parade in red shir

Celebrations of New Year's arrival do not differ much in most households. Good food, drinks, entertainment and New Year's fireworks are among the necessities of New Year's Eve in most cultures. In some parts of the world, however, you can also experience unusual New Year's Eve traditions. In Chile, you can take part in the celebrations in the cemetery, in Spain, at midnight, go through the town in the underwear.

New Year before Sydney celebrations

Celebrations of New Year's Eve in the cities are magnificent and attractive for tourists. Australian Sydney, however, offers something more than other world capitals. Because of its location here, midnight will strike at first of all the capital cities. The creators of the celebration program, which are attended by up to two million people each year, are not only focused on a midnight toast. Even this year, there is an interesting afternoon program that includes an air show and a ceremony to commemorate indigenous cultures accompanied by smoke ceremonies. At nine in the evening, a family-run fireworks show for small audiences who will not last up until the late hours, followed by a fascinating spectacle on the illuminated harbor and floating boats. The highlight of New Year's Festivities in Sydney is a spectacular midnight firework, where you can enjoy views of the majestic Opera House and HarbourBridge Harbor in addition to the light spectacle. "Around the harbor there are many paid and freely accessible places, from which the fireworks can be comfortably observed. Places can be picked up and booked ahead on the official site of the New Year's Celebrations in Sydney, " recommends Michal Tůma (

New Year's Eve at the cemetery you will experience in Chile

The Chileans have a few interesting traditions on the last day of the year. The golden ring on the bottom of the champagne glass should bring them happiness. The happy year is also supposed to be the one who wore yellow underwear on a ruby ​​day and, after a blow at midnight, dresses him properly. The money hidden in the shoe is to provide a year full of wealth. Individuals who want to travel a lot in the coming months then go around the house with a suitcase at midnight. Whatever coming year, the Chileans will know the grape wine. Each bell at midnight blows one ball of favorite fruit. Depending on whether there are twelve beads of sour or sweet grape, the Chilanes will be driven all year round.

In addition to the traditional customs, which usually accompany family New Year's Eve, Chile is also home to more bizarre and scary ways of celebrating New Year's Eve celebrations. The inhabitants of the small town of Talca spend New Year's Eve at the cemetery. A seemingly frightening tradition came into being in 1995 when one of the local families entered the cemetery in the desire to spend a gala evening with a recently deceased father. Local authorities have been opening since the last day of the year of the cemeteries and even encouraged local people to celebrate their newcomers with their deceased loved ones. The Chileans carry food and drinks at the cemetery, decorate the graves and ignite fire beside them. Celebrations near the dead, according to their faith, bring peace in the soul and provide happiness in the next year.

In Ecuador, the year ends with fire

Did not you have a good year and want to say goodbye to him? Or do you have anger on someone specific, from whom do you want to get rid of? Then Ecuador is the right place for New Year's Eve celebrations. For centuries, locals have followed a special tradition of burning things and special mannequins. With the advent of midnight, the ceremonies lit up pictures and pictures resembling something painful and unfeasible from the previous year. Each family then produces a big mannequin called "viejos" filled with sawdust and newspapers, which symbolizes the past year. With a blow at midnight, she lights her in front of the house, giving her goodbye to the old year, and with the clean shield she will welcome the incoming. This atypical tradition may seem somewhat frightening, but the view of the illuminated Ecuadorian street is impressive. "A great show of figurines takes place on New Year's Eve in Quito. It is possible to see the portraits of famous personalities, politicians, but also life symbolizing the crucial events of the year, " adds Michal Tůma.

Hardcore and exhibitionists will enjoy in Valencia

Celebrations for the daring offer of New Year's Eve at La Font de la Figuera near the Spanish city of Valencia. The custom of the locals is to welcome the new year only in underwear. But that can not be any. Underwear must have a red color, which, according to superstition, brings happiness. In addition, clothing must be new, and the owner can only wear it once on New Year's Eve celebrations. Courageous Spaniards, who want to have a great deal of luck in the next year, go to the streets every year regardless of weather, and welcome a new year in a grand parade.

The first sunrise in the new year you see in Korea

If you do not enjoy the festive celebrations and wish for a unique spiritual experience, head for South Korea to Homigot. This place is the easternmost place in the whole country, so hundreds of people are here at the annual HomigotSunrise Festival to see the very first New Year's sunrise. And it must be added that this view is truly unforgettable. The impressive panoramas of the vast sea and the historic lighthouse are complemented by a giant bronze sculpture of a hand rising from the sea through which you can see the first sunbeams coming in the year.

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