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Charles Aznavour "encore une fois" - once more - in the Czech Republic!

Legendary Armenian-French chanson, singer, musician and actor Charles Aznavour return to Prague after two years. On March 16th, "encore une fois" will be performed at the Prague Congress Center with a program of the most famous songs of his unforgettable musical career.

At age 93, it seems that time and age for Aznavour do not mean anything special. He did this not only with a passionate concert in Prague in the spring of 2016, but also, for example, a few days ago, when he enthusiastically applauded the audience at the Stadthalle in Vienna for his brilliant performance full of energy. This "little man with sad eyes" is able to give nostalgia, melancholy, but also joy and hope, from the stage for an hour and a half with his songs.

Charles Aznavour is one of the world's greatest living musicians, sings in eight languages, has written over 1,000 songs for his eighty-year career, has recorded dozens of albums and sold over 100 million copies. He is referred to as "a new romance, Napoleon Chanson, French Frank Sinatra, or a small man with sad eyes that brought nostalgia, melancholy and taboo topics to French music . " He has collaborated with all international music stars such as Edith Piaf, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, or Zaz singer . This August, he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

Charles Aznavour

was born in Paris in 1924 to Armenian parents who fled their homeland from genocide. At age 9, he left school and became a child actor. During the German occupation of Paris he sang in cabarets. After the war he worked with Edith Piaf as author of the music and lyrics of her songs. In the 1950s he became independent and gradually achieved success worldwide. This was also helped by his huge language equipment, where he played several songs in several versions. His songs were influenced by many world-famous artists who also recorded them - from Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr., Ray Charles to Celine Dion. In 2014 he played a duet with singer Zaz.

His most famous compositions are known to the Czech audience, for example by Hana Hegerová or Karel Gott. He has performed in over 60 films. He also created the actor with Czech actress Jana Švandová. In the poll of CNN, Aznavour was named the Largest Artist of the 20th Century. He has many awards and honors (Golden Lion, César, Order of Honorary Legion, Hall of Fame). This August he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Aznavour is also actively reporting to his Armenian roots. Since 1995, he has been a UNESCO Ambassador to Armenia, and in 2009 he became the UN Ambassador to Switzerland in Switzerland. In the 1980s, he founded the "Aznavour for Armenia" Association. Even at the age of 93, he is relentlessly acting around the world. Last December, 9th, he presented himself in excellent condition before the sold Stadthalle in Vienna. His concert tour in 2018 runs from Amsterdam through Prague to Moscow, Osaka, Tokyo and London. Aznavour admits that he wants to continue writing his memories. "End" - it's a strange word for a tempering Frenchman.
"I do not feel dying at all, I'll leave it to those who are depressed. I'm an optimist that you would rarely find in the world."

La Bohème
I have a brunch of nostalgia

Charles Aznavour (France)

16 March 2018, 20.00, Prague Congress Center

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