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A safe and comfortable winter holiday on your own axis

Car preparation and papers that need to be brought with us Some diseases or medications behind the wheel do not sit down Do not underestimate the fatigue behind the wheel. It can be dangerous as alcoholic anxiety

This year, thousands of our citizens will go on a foreign winter holiday on their own axis. Make sure that the vehicle is in good working order to make sure it is easy. He will not be harmed if, before going abroad, his status is at least briefly tested by an experienced expert.

• check the quantity of running fluids, check frost resistance of the coolant, pour the antifreeze into the glass washer tank;
• in the case of a diesel engine, the tank should be winter diesel;
• Take care of quality winter tires, pack a set of snow chains;
• An accident or other damage event may occur to us, so we will verify that we have a current contact with the insurance company's assistance service;
• Make sure we have all the necessary documents with us - valid driving license, ID card or passport, vehicle registration certificate and green card;
• If we are going to rent a car, we will certainly not forget to take the appropriate agreement with the vehicle owner, either in the language of the country where we go or in English;
• Do not forget the health insurance of each crew member; costs incurred abroad for treating more serious illnesses or injuries may be unpleasantly high.

In addition to checking the vehicle's technical condition, it is also necessary to remember the check of its mandatory equipment. We also remember a sufficient number of reflective vests . At least one vest (here for the driver) is placed in the vehicle cabin. Drivers who use dioptric glasses should wear one spare pair. Surely it is worthwhile to have quality sunglasses with you too. When traveling to France, it's good to have a alkotester with you.

Luggage and their storage

Vehicle space options are limited as well as its load capacity. It's so good to take a vacation with you, really, just what's needed. We place the most dimensional and heaviest luggage on the bottom of the luggage compartment. At our hands, on the contrary, we should have everything we need on the way. And also, to be sure, a warning triangle, first aid kit and reflective vest for fellow travelers.

We prefer not to deal with some diseases or medications behind the wheel

Drivers suffering from some chronic disease should consult their caregiver with their caregiver. "Some diseases significantly increase the risk of an accident. For example, diabetes mellitus by 56 percent, followed by cardiovascular disease by 23, hearing problems by 19 or motor problems by 17 percent. Also, a number of drugs have an adverse effect on the performance of the driver, including those over-the-counter. They can increase the risk of an accident by tens of percent. It does not hurt to ask the attending physician or pharmacist for the suitability of their use at the wheel, " says Roman Budsky from the Road Safety Team.

Fatigue - still underestimated, yet dangerous

The crew of the car awaits a multi-kilometer path. We'll definitely plan ahead of schedule. We'd rather count on possible transport complications, so let's start with a good time reserve. The chauffeur should be in good shape and sufficiently rested. Many hours behind the wheel are a good match, not just a psyche.
"The tired or sleepless driver can be just as dangerous as the one who just drank the two spirits of hard alcohol. The likelihood of fatal accidents increases up to 7 times. Fatigue accounts for up to 10 percent of all traffic accidents, with motorways accounting for up to 20 percent. The most dangerous is the period from midnight to 4pm. But fatigue can strike even during the day, most often between the second and the fourth afternoon, " warns Roman Budsky. It is therefore good to remember regular breaks .

A twenty-minute break, not later than 2.5 hours, will benefit not only the driver, but also his fellow passengers. If it's a little bit possible, it's good to alternate with longer wheel rides. It is certainly worth considering the possibility of getting stuck in a traffic jam. Therefore, there is always enough fuel in the tank, something to eat in the cabin and plenty of drinks. And also plenty of oversight. Nervousness or even aggression can only make the situation worse.

Source: tz, Road Safety Team

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