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The yoga back on the back is not always helpful

Yoga and movement generally apply to the prevention of back pain, long-term treatment or mild discomfort. But when you can not move or there is a significant worsening of pain, the exercise is in vain. Treatment, or even hospitalization is necessary. Exercise in such a situation can aggravate the condition.

Relief and joy

Using properly selected positions, yoga will help you stretch, strengthen and relax your back. Besides the back, it also strengthens the abdominal and pelvic muscles. They have a great effect on the posture, that is, on the back. Yoga relieves stress that has a negative impact on any health problems. And if you have fun, you will enjoy every exercise, which is also what counts. Neuroscientists are exploring other possibilities for the positive influence of yoga on managing chronic pain. For long-term exercise, the effect is best. Compliance with regular regimes will also be reflected in the reduced need for pain medication. It is logical - you are worrying about your back and the less hurt. But you can not wait for a few hours of exercise to get rid of the problems once and for all. Motion treatment is a long-distance run.

What exercises to try?

For the back pain, yoga experts advise to try positions:

If you do not know them, learn them carefully so you do not make fundamental mistakes. Because of them, the exercise could be meaningless. At the beginning it is best to train under the supervision of an experienced instructor. But then you should not overcome the pain. Practice always so that you feel good.

Take a look

If you are not sure yoga is right for you, contact your doctor. It is ideal to consult the situation with a rehabilitation physician. He is able to evaluate health status in all aspects and to assess the potential benefits of different exercises. If you are interested in complex treatment of back problems, do not forget about nutrition and supplementation of all vitamins. You can also try special dietary supplements with alpha-lipoic acid and other ingredients that have a proven effect in supportive treatment of back pain.

Author: MUDr. Tereza Kopecká
Source: U lékař

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