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Music can affect heartbeat and heartbeat

For many, music is an inseparable part of life. What we listen to has effects not only on the mood but also on the physiological responses of our body. Listening to favorite music helps people with heart disease or chronic pain.

Rhythm of the heart

The rate of movement in time or the rate is expressed in terms of the number of times per minute. It is able to affect the heart rate of the heart. Depending on the type of composition, this is increased or decreased, resulting in a change in heart rate. According to Hong Kong medical research, people who listened to music regularly every day for 20-30 minutes, lower blood pressure and heart rate than people who did not listen to the music. According to Dr. Peter Sleight of Oxford University, musicians have a different heart rate and heart rate depending on the listening composition. The essence is that they understand the complexity of the rhythm of music. Based on this, they adjust their breathing and the speed of heart work.

Pleasant treatment

Listening to music may in some cases reduce the perception of pain in patients with heart disease - but not only does the music help them. If you are just going through a stressful period, listening to your favorite hits or tracks can mitigate the effects of tension on our body. At least for a while, we will forget about the unpleasantness.

Music as doping

A study of the American Sports Academy was published in 2002. She described that listening to music at runtime helped provide better sports performance.
In the test group, average lap times were lower than those of athletes who did not listen to anything during the run.
Those who listened to music were able to adjust their pace of pace to their heart rhythm. In addition, they also felt less effort than the control group without headphones.
The choice of music is essential - everyone should listen to what he likes. There are no strict rules, however training for the sounds of the opera does not have to suit everyone.

"Counselor" at your fingertips

Nowadays, there are fitness bracelets that are also featured with a music player. Smart models are able to analyze your heart rate and, according to algorithms, select a song from the list to suit your current physical activity. All you have to do is soak your laces and run off.

Author: Jakub Žiška
Source: U lékař

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