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How much electricity consumes Christmas decoration

Already during advent, people begin to decorate gardens, houses, and interiors with various light decorations. Of course, they need electricity for their operation, but fortunately their consumption is not big. So if you do not decorate your house with ten thousand lights and you will not use old decorations with classic bulbs. We have some tips for you to make Christmas brighter and worry-free.

Also with Christmas lights can be saved. But you always have to look at the christmas decoration of your electricity consumption. For example, the usual LED light chain has power of only 5.5 to 6 watts, and its advent traffic will cost you about 11 crowns. A comparable chain of conventional light bulbs has power ranging from 20 to 45 watts, sometimes even more, and in this case, you pay for an adventurous atmosphere of about 80 crowns. It is necessary to count the price per kilowatt-hour that the household pays. Typically, the cost of one kWh is about $ 4.80.

LED lighting versus classic bulbs

If you own older types of Christmas decorations, the amounts for their lighting will not be small. High electricity consumption increases during advent and Christmas holidays and the bill is noticeably higher. For older types of lighting, there is also a greater risk of faults, which may in some cases result in a fire. "For example, if you use a classic seven-lamp candleholder in the window for a month, you spend up to $ 35 for 12 hours a day. If you buy the same model with LED bulbs, it consumes electricity for just $ 2 during Advent. When purchasing a LED light chain with 500 diodes, you will pay CZK 11 per month for a monthly light, " says Michal Doležel from E.ON Radec's internet project. Operation of older Christmas chains with classic incandescent lamps can therefore cost tens and hundreds of crowns.

Modern lighting does not always mean safe

If you choose to replace the old lighting with a new one, consider where you can get it. Cheap models from marketplaces and booths are tempting, but their safety is low. You better visit a stone shop or a proven internet shop. Lighting pays to invest more, lasts longer, and virtually does not increase your electricity bill. Safety is also related to how you treat lighting. Especially for outdoor lighting, pay attention to moisture and unprotected cables. Decorations may start to spark, cause electric shock or fire. It is also recommended not to leave the lighting completely unattended. If you leave a house or flat, turn it off.

The house and the garden are lit

Outdoor lighting decorations are also becoming more and more popular. Decorated trees, windows or different statues can withstand snow and frost, but you have to choose the right ones. If you decide to decorate the interior and the exterior, be sure to keep an eye on the right type when buying. "The light decoration should be marked with an IP code indicating the amount of protection, ie, security fuse. For outdoor lighting, IP 44 is important, providing adequate protection against rain and frost. In addition to the code, see if the lighting has double insulation and grounding, " says Karel Murtinger (Ekowatt). The usual lighting of a tree that is used indoors and outdoors will cost to CZK 80 per month. If you choose a modern LED version, you only pay $ 10 per month.

How much does the Christmas decoration cost?
Decoration / Power consumption / Lighting costs *
Christmas chain - 500 LED / 6 W / 11 CZK
Christmas chain with timer - 500 LEDs / 9.6 W / 17 CZK
Christmas candlestick - 7 LED bulbs / 1 W / 2 CZK
Bulb chain - 32 bulbs / 45 W / 80 CZK
Christmas candlestick with lamps / 19,8 W / 35 CZK

*) Monthly light 12 hours a day, 4.80 CZK / kWh

Source: tz, edited editorially

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