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The horror of Nicholas and the devil: Do not let the children worry unnecessarily

Feast of St. Nicholas has many children associated with a reward, for those naughty parents they often hope to at least "regulate" behavior. For some children, however, this visit can leave a long-lasting trace in their fragile soul. How to deal with fear and its consequences with homeopaths?

An unexpected horror experience can especially make a long-term observation of the child, but it is equally true for adults. It may not just be a visit to Nicholas (and especially his helper helper). All life-threatening emergencies, such as (auto) accidents, assaults, encounters with death, serious injury to a person, or other very intense situations, may have similar consequences. Sensitive individuals may develop a condition called posttraumatic stress disorder.

Fear is not fun

Fear is an essential part of human existence and psyche. It is a feeling necessary for survival - it warns us of danger. In the case of a real threat, then the reaction starts "escape or fight" . In the Western world today, however, fear is not associated with either fighting or escape. The energy of horror then turns negatively against its wearer. According to psychologists, some form of fear occurs sooner or later in 90% of children. These are predominantly natural developmental fears, but in some children they can grow into phobias and severe anxiety. They then influence the overall development of their personality. For children, types of fear change during development. Their processing is important for the healthy development of the psyche and enables children to gradually gain independence. However, children are more susceptible to fear than adults. They feel small and defenseless. A strong experience of horror can thus be remembered for years. Children have far more limited possibilities to process their inner horrors. Therefore, parents should be very sensitive to childhood fear.

The body in convulsions

The manifestations of fear are found on the one hand on the physical level, but fears and anxiety as the state of the soul reflect on the behavior of the individual in question.
At the physical level, we experience increased muscle tension or tremors, increased sweating, increased blood pressure, accelerated pulse and breathing, nausea and dry mouth.
At the psychological level, it is a loss of concentration, a certain confusion and incoordination of activities, a tendency to isolate from society, an effort to escape from an unpleasant situation or placidity. Sometimes anger can also be a source of fear.

Homeopathic remedies for fear

Aconitum napellus - helps with acute fear and panic. Strong horror to the dread of death is accompanied by high pressure, heart pounding (feeling in the throat), reddening of the face, and a feeling of chest tightness in the air. The condition also affects the intestine - mostly diarrhea occurs.

Argentum nitricum
- A remedy for fear and anxiety that is associated with pain or tests. They show a restless and chaotic behavior that accompanies some impulsive tendencies. On the physical plane, one can complain of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea from anxiety.

Arsenicum album
- is a medicine for children and people who are afraid of literally excessive. Many fears come from the care that is their characteristic sign. Fear and anxiety relate to their appearance and health. They are constantly afraid of being sick of some serious illness, they are terrified, for example, from thieves, but also from loneliness. All this leads to unrest and constant activity, which causes the fears to be eliminated or at least reduced. Anxiety can be associated with digestive problems or asthma.

Calcarea carbonica
- especially for children who have a lot of worries but do not trust. They suffer from fear of anything new (for example, from a new school), they are afraid of treating a doctor or a dentist, they may have horror from heights or confined spaces. They also suffer from irrational fears, perhaps a misfortune or accident. They have difficulty falling asleep - as soon as they close their eyes, they start to look like a variety of frightening faces, which awakens them. They are very sensitive, and the view of violence or ghosts, such as television, is upset and crying. Thinking slightly slow, but if they keep their own pace, they can solve complex tasks. Slowly but carefully. Physically, they tend to obesity, are sensitive to cold and suffer from the upper respiratory tract.

Gelsemium sempervirens
- This preparation solves situations when a person is literally paralyzed after a horrible experience or bad news - fear can not move. There is an inner tremor that can be seen on the outside as well. The paralysis that mitigates this drug often manifests itself in thinking and behavior. He can not even remember well-known things (for example, the child forgets the poem he has been preparing for Nicholas), and he can do seemingly illogical and silly things.

Ignatia amara
- a cure for the fears of sensitive children that can be caused by grief, disappointment or other strong emotional experience. Children have fluctuating moods "from laughter to tears". On the physical plane, they suffer from headaches and a feeling of dumplings in their throats.

- is ideal for children and people who are very lively, open and easy to establish contact with other people. These individuals tend to be compassionate and empathetic, and they are easy to live with others. They are afraid of darkness, ghosts, and can not stand to watch scary movies. They require society, manifestations of sympathy and physical contact (embrace, caress).

- addresses the troubles of children who have a lot of anxieties and fears. These fears are also expressed by being entangled and constantly demanding society and comfort. They are crying children, with varying moods. Their fears are getting worse in warm and enclosed rooms and improving in fresh air.

Silicea - People who need this medicine are highly capable and respectable. They are also nervous, shy and have a state of self-confidence. Anxiety often occurs before exams at school, public appearances, examinations at a doctor, or when changing jobs. In these situations, headaches, difficulty in concentrating and exhaustion occur. Generally, they have decreased resistance and often have a catarrh of upper respiratory tract or angina, especially after demanding study or work assignments.

Stramonium - Helps children who are full of fear. This is manifested in the form of nightmares. They are afraid to fall asleep alone and in the dark, they need a lit lamp in the room. After a haunted experience, they often wake up in the night, they cry, they want to behave, but they actually stay half-hearted and do not recognize people in their neighborhood.

The medication that best fits the fears and behavior of the child is ideal, if any, preventive, even before the expected Nicholas' visit. And in a 15CH dilution a single dose of 5 granules. If fear attacks occur after a meeting with the liver, then the appropriate drug is administered in a 15-cc dilution of 5 granules a few days in a row. If problems and fears or nightmares persist for a long time despite treatment, it is advisable to contact a homeopathic doctor.

Article author: MUDr. Jaroslav Čupera
Source: U lékař

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