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With helicopter skis, downhill bike

Skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular winter sports. Snowy slopes, however, offer much more opportunities for enjoyment. In case you do not enjoy skiing or if you want to get more chilly days in winter, we bring you tips for interesting winter sports. You can try adrenaline skiing with a dragon, a helicopter jump, but also a classic tobogganing.

Heliskiing - jump from the helicopter at the top of the mountain

Heliskiing or helicopter skiing is a unique adrenaline experience. Skiers, with the help of a helicopter, get into high altitudes and then jump into deep, untreated snow. Freeriding beyond the marked paths is designed for experienced skiers, but is definitely not available. Experienced travel agencies around the world offer helicopter flights for all those who have basic skiing skills and control the deep snow ride.

Heliskiing will not be enjoyed in any ski destination. "For example, in France, this adrenaline sport is forbidden . Freeriding enthusiasts can visit Switzerland or Italy within the framework of Europe, for example the Valgrisenche valley or the Livigno ski resort. In Austria, such entertainment can be legally used, for example, in Lech Zürs, " says Michal Tůma (Invia). Mean helicopter skiing is Canada, according to him.

Sledding a little differently

If you do not like skiing, give this winter a chance for classic sleds. Even seemingly ordinary sledding can be a great experience, as ski resorts often offer specially modified toboggan runs. The country where the toboggan is particularly thought is Switzerland. Here you can visit several very interesting places that can be ride on the sled. Popular with families with children is, for example, a run on a closed Albury road from Predy to Bergun in the canton of Graubünden, which offers a six-mile drive. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Matterhorn while visiting the Rotenboden-Riffelberg. Europe's longest toboggan run is located on Mount Faulhorn . However, you will have to earn your ride. The journey from the station to the start of the run takes more than 2 hours. A rewarding hilltop trip will give you a stunning view and an almost hour-long downhill ride to Grindewald, which can be diversified by visiting one of the typical Swiss pubs along the route.

Both the skiing and the snowboard make the flying dragon grow

Combining skis or snowboards and kite flying offers all adventure lovers the so-called snowkiting. The slope is driven by a hand-operated dragon. You can ride at great speed, try different tricks, and even take off for a moment. Snowkiting is not too demanding, the average skier or snowboarder can handle the basics in one day. "Snowkiting lessons are available in a number of Czech centers. They can be done, for example, on God's gift, in the Ore Mountains or in the Černá hora ski resort in the Giant Mountains, " says Michal Tůma.

The experience for the skimmers is then a visit to some of the world's famous snowkiting areas. These include, for example, the Big Hole Valley in Montana, where a huge, snow-covered plain suitable for unusual winter sports is available. Ideal conditions for snowkiting are here from November to May. However, suitable conditions for kite flying can be found in other US states, such as Oregon, Idaho or Colorado.

Snow bike will deal with the forest path and the ski slope

You do not have to deny the winter bike ride. On the contrary, thanks to specially modified mountain bikes with wide rubber, you can cycle down mountain paths and slopes by bike. You do not have to be addicted to snow-biking. Take advantage of, for example, modified tracks for snowmobiles or popular hiking trails. Caution should only be applied to too deep snow, even the wheels with special tires can not. But there are also modified ski resorts. Ideal conditions include Les Menuires in France. You can try a ride on this special bike in several Czech venues, such as Pec pod Sněžkou or Jeseníky.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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