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Prawners can buy Christmas trees and return them to the forest in the spring

Today he started selling special Christmas cookies in pots that grew the Forest of Prague. m. Prague. Praying people are thus offered the opportunity to choose a Christmas tree, which after Christmas does not expect sad fate at the containers or in the landfill. The woodcutters have prepared a total of 250 fir trees, which can be planted either in the garden or in the forest among the other trees in the spring. The joint planting of the former Christmas trees, m. Prague are planning on 7 April 2018 in the Kunratice Forest.

Approximately half a meter trees come from a forest nursery in Old Boleslav. By adhering to the right course of action, such as slow temperature acclimation, watering, and air humidity, they should be able to cope with their demanding Christmas assignment in heated Prague houses and flats. "And because it's not a standard Christmas conifer cultivated just for the Christmas season, but for trees normally grown for landscaping in the countryside, they should eventually manage to move to the countryside in the garden or in the forest," says Petra Fišerová, spokeswoman for Lesy hl. m. Prague.

Whoever does not have a garden, where the hedgehog could plant after winter, or who wants to devote full freedom to the tree, can take it on Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 2 pm in the Kunratice Forest, where the former Christmas eaters will be supervised by the Prague foresters planting. In the future there could be a whole new piece of "grateful" Christmas tree.

Trees can be purchased at 7 points of sale in different parts of the capital: For the pub they can go to Zahlavnictví Dablice, to the ecosystem of Prales in Kbely or to the individual forests of Forest Hill. (Čimický háj, Chuchelský háj, Kunratický les, Hostivařský lesopark and Divoká Šárka). The price per tree is 100 CZK. In addition to the tree, the buyer will also receive detailed instructions on how to treat the fir tree during Christmas. Forest Action hl. Prague is inspired by the Christmas trees project back to the forest, which has been realized since 1998 by the Ecological Institute of Veronica.

Fir pasta has been our most abundant conifer in the past, but almost disappeared from the Czech forests during the 20th century, mainly due to inappropriate farming practices, landscaping or industrial immissions. Planting young seedlings helps her gradually return to Czech nature. Its seedlings are regularly part of annual plantings in the Prague forests, only in spring this year we have planted over 8,000 young firs in Prague.

Besides fir trees in pots, Lesy hl. Prague in the pre-Christmas season to sell also classic cut Christmas trees, which the foresters picked up during the necessary educational trips in the forest stands.


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