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You have no seat at the bourgeois in Germany

There have been some limitations in German traffic rules. Road chase can result in a 10-year stay behind bars. Beginning on October 19 this year, not only motor vehicle drivers, but also cyclists in Germany have to count with a tougher sanction for some offenses. It is forbidden to manipulate not only the phone while driving.

Especially those who are unmindful of the temptation to use a mobile phone while driving, should pay attention. "German experts have long been pointing out that dispersal of drivers by modern means of communication is increasingly the cause of serious traffic accidents," explains Roman Budsky of the Road Safety Team, and if the driver is found to be tampering with the phone or other communications equipment, will pay a penalty of € 100, or 40 more than in the past, plus 1 penalty, but if the driver causes an accident with material damage, he will pay 200 euros, plus he has to count 2 penalty points and a one-month ban on driving.

Even the bikers will make phone calls from 25 to 55 euros. It should be emphasized that the manipulation not only of mobile phones, but of all sorts of communication devices, such as tablets or notebooks, is forbidden. Use of these devices is only allowed when the engine is switched off. However, this is not a situation where the engine was switched off when the vehicle was stopped by stop / start. In these cases, therefore, we do not manipulate the communication device.

It remains true that hands-free handsets or voice commands are allowed to operate the phone.

Rescue alley

Failure to comply with the obligation to create a rescue alley comes to a minimum of 200 euros. That's 10 times more than ever. In serious cases, this may be 320 euros and one month's driving ban on top. In general, if the driver does not immediately release the police or rescue vehicles on the on-board siren, he will have to count a fine of 240 euros and a one-month length ban. "This is not a self-imposed tightening of sanctions. Rescue workers are increasingly complaining that drivers are complicating their passage. At the same time, the ÖAMTC Austrian Automobile Club says that the created corridor helps to reduce the time needed to get the help needed to the accident site by up to 4 minutes, so the chance of serious injuries to survive increases by up to 40 percent, " says Roman Budský.

Face Detection of Motorists

Every driver must remember that his face must be recognizable. This is to facilitate the identification of the driver whose offense was recorded by the camera. Covering the face comes out at 60 euros. Therefore, the face should not be covered by a scarf, a veil, a mask ... nor a burka. Naturally, the ban does not apply to motorcyclists who have to wear a protective helmet.

Illegal racing on the road

As early as October 13, anyone who organizes an illegal race on the road or attends it must count on a two-year jail stay. This is in the best case. If someone is seriously injured or even killed in this event, the stay behind the grilles will be extended to 10 years. However, a driver who may not have been involved in an illegal race but who has seriously violated the applicable regulations by his rapid course may be affected. "The penalties for illegal races have significantly tightened. So far only a fine of 400 euros and a one-month ban on driving have been threatened, and only for their own participation in the chase. In the future, the seizure of the vehicle used for the illegal race is also considered, " concludes Roman Budský.

Source: tz, Road Safety Team

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