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Do you drink quality coffee? Protect yourself from diabetes!

The affection for coffee has long been regarded as a harmful badge. Many coffee are associated with heart disease or growth arrest. But new scientific studies surprisingly reveal a better side of coffee. It turns out that regular consumption of this drink protects the organism from the emergence of a whole range of dreaded diseases.

Longer life with good coffee

Scientists looked at the link between coffee and an increased risk of cancer or heart disease. Surprisingly, however, the research did not find any such connection. According to some studies, even coffee consumption reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular causes. The reversal of the perception of coffee's effect on human health is explained by the fact that earlier scientific studies have poorly taken into account the presence of such risk factors as smoking or lack of physical activity that are more frequent in strong drinkers.

Coffee against depression

In addition to the fact that coffee does not have to threaten our health as it has been judged, it may, on the contrary, protect some diseases. These include, for example, Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes, or liver disease including cancer. Coffee also seems to improve memory and reduce the risk of depression. Experts, however, highlight the fact that high consumption of unfiltered coffee may be associated with a moderate rise in cholesterol levels, and in individuals with a genetic delay in degradation of caffeine in the body, frequent coffee consumption may actually increase the risk of heart disease.

Whether coffee will benefit your health or vice versa depends on its quality and preparation. If you add cream and a few dice to your coffee, it is not possible to speak of a healthy drink. You should also avoid having a so popular "turkey" in the Czech Republic and a brand-new coffee mix.

Author: MUDr. Veronika Richterová
Source: U lékař

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