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On mountains with children

It's completely different than in two or with friends. With children you have to plan ahead, take care of safety and entertainment. The slopes must be mild, the accommodation spacious and the program varied. The first family holiday in winter is worthless to underestimate. The following text gives you a few tips on how to stay and what to remember.

Location: Choose according to availability and what's nearby

Even with children, you do not have to worry about going abroad for the first time. The European mountain resorts can be reached by motorway in a few hours, and there is no shortage of snow. "Ski centers in Austria, Germany or Slovakia are about six hours away by car, as is our closest glacier, the Austrian Zell am See-Kaprun," recommends Michal Tůma ( It is a good place to choose from. Skiing is fasting everyday, wants to know where to look for diversification. Where to go on the hike, what tower to climb or if it is near the toboggan run. There is also a good aquapark or spa. Children will be out in the pool and at attractions, adults relaxing in the whirlpool. The strategic choice is represented, for example, by Jasná Ski Resort in Slovakia. It is located in one of the areas with the highest number of thermal springs, fifteen kilometers from the large aquapark Tatralandia. Hot springs and attractions can also be found in the Bormio mountain region of Italy and is renowned in Bad Gastein in Salzburg, Austria.

Deadline: In addition to holidays and holidays, slopes are empty

The ideal term is in the middle of the week. On weekends and holidays the mountains are full, the lifts and refreshments are growing, and the price of ski passes is higher. It is much better to go out in a week when the slopes are empty and safer for beginners. Getting a seat at a ski school is also easier on weekdays. On the other hand, you have to count on catching the fabric that kids miss in school and especially not to forget to ask for their release in time. If you plan to go out in the evening after work, there is a danger that mountain roads will be dangerously frozen. It is much better to get on the road in the morning, the morning sun will quickly dissolve the ice and avoid the afternoon traffic rush.

Accommodation: Practically furnished and close to the slopes

Your own cottage or apartment provides more options to enjoy in bad weather while not disturbing other vacationers. "Early booking is worth it, especially if you are planning a holiday with other families. The interest grows with the coming of winter and the accommodation capacity for the groups is quickly disappearing, "says Michal Tůma. Consider eating too, if there is a kitchen available, you will not have to bind on fixed meal times, so you will have more freedom in planning activities. Some of the accommodations offer a program for children or playrooms, free of charge, as well as special equipment, such as cribs or children's chairs. So you can save your worries with their transport. The distance from the ski resort is also important. Small skiers can not stand on their feet all day, so you will welcome tired descendants if you do not rest long. And that's because of the amount of equipment kids need with them. On the contrary, the city center may be more distant, you will not disturb the nightlife and the prices are more favorable.

Resort: Conditions for beginners, running a ski school

At least one downhill course should be tailored for beginners and children, where they can learn to ski and avoid falling or crashing. Slope where snowboarders can not do is also suitable. If you do not trust the instructor role or want to enjoy a quiet moment, sign up for a ski school. Beforehand, however, it's a good idea to check how the lessons are going, how many children one instructor has, and what language the lessons are. Ski schools with Czech-speaking instructors can also be found abroad. They are expanded mainly in Austria, most of them in Salzburg or Tyrol. It is important to provide the child with a ski helmet, without it accepting some schools, even if the obligation to wear it does not apply in the country in question. Before the first mountain trip, instruct children about the rules that apply to skiing. Check out the 10 traffic rules together on the slopes of the International Ski Federation. Skiers who do not comply with them are threatened mainly by overseas expulsion.

Documents and insurance: valid passports, insurance also in the Czech Republic

Good insurance should cover not only medical care, but also hospital transportation. When traveling by car, technical assistance is also essential. The car to the nearest garage is up to seven thousand crowns in the Alps. Closing insurance is also worthwhile in the Czech mountains, mainly accidents and liability insurance. Covers costs in case of collision, both medical care, damaged equipment or damages. Before traveling abroad check the validity of travel documents, especially for children . Until the age of fifteen, their passport is valid for only five years, and the waiting period for the new one is a month. On the mountains in Europe, however, the ID card, which is half the price cheaper than the passport, is enough, and at the request of the parents it is just the same as the passport for the newborn.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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