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Ondřej Trojan finished the historical drama TOMAN. The main role of Jiří Macháček.

After 38 filming days spread from last year until this autumn, the shooting of the historical thriller TOMAN, in the order of the fourth film by director Ondřej Trojan, ended.

Seven years after the Civic ID and ten years after the Želer nominated for the Oscar, Ondrej Trojan drew the film from the dark and little mapped period of the so-called Third Republic, from the years 1945-48, when Czechoslovakia was formed in the struggle for power between the Democrats and Moscow-led Communists forty years. And with the significant contribution of the gray "red" eminence, the intelligence chief, a man named Zdeněk Toman.

"It is remarkable and sad how the historical parallels are constantly repeated. Even more scary is that we can not learn from them any lessons. Just look at recent choices. Unprofessionalness and self-dignity make people obscure the brain. Like sheep that can be bought for a piece of bread, " explains the director and producer of the movie Trojan, why he has once again touched on the theme of our recent history.

Jiří Macháček , who has practically "not crammed" during his busy 38 filming days, has, in his own words, the most demanding shooting of his career. In the lead role of Zdeněk Toman, he is rising due to the unscrupulous nature of the periodical, the currency contacts gained during the war in London and after the war used to accumulate resources for the support of the Communist Party, from the position of the general official to the post of head of foreign intelligence. the end itself became one of the first Communists to be imprisoned by the Communists, but one of the few who had escaped from communist criminals and reached beyond the frontiers before their heads fell.

For Catherine Wintero , who has become the perfect mix of starving communists and bourgeois mistresses, Tomas's wife Pesla, the women for whom communist ideas and social status are over her own child and life, was the shooting of Toman's dreams of dreaming that sometimes there was no need for paradoxes. For example, in the difficult scene of the assault and torture of Pesla and her little son, when playing a baby, unlike her in the hands of her torturers, she refused to cry and filming for a pleasant distraction between feeding.

"A lot of real characters are playing in the film and the story is lined with real events. It was quite difficult for me to put up with the necessity of describing certain scenes so that the audience did not drown in the narrative. It was definitely more demanding and less entertaining than working with the actors who made excellent and focused performances during the shoot, " says Ondřej Trojan, his feelings from the directorial work on the just-completed film.

In addition to the main speakers, Kristýna Boková as Toman's mistress, Stanislav Majer as KSČ Secretary General Rudolf Slansky, Marek Taclik as fanatical Communist, Head of Defense News Bedrich Reicin, Slovak actors Roman Luknár as Jan Masaryk, Lukáš Latinák as politician Vlado Clementis, Marian Mitaš as communist fanatic and NKVD agent Karel Vaš or Táňa Pauhofová as Toman's sister Aurélia, Lukáš Melník as Toman's right hand František Kuracina, Jaromír Dulav as interior minister Václav Nosek, Jiří Dvořák as general Bartík, Martin Finger as agent of intelligence services Adolf Püchler, Aleš Procházka as Klement Gottwald, Václav Neužil, Miroslav Táborský, Radek Holub, Ondřej Maly, Jaroslav Plesl, Ady Hajdu, Pavel Liška and many others.

In the final stage of filming, the filmmakers moved to the Foreign Ministry, where they occupied Jan Masaryk's apartment, as well as other premises of the Czernin Palace, Rudolf Slansky's office, in the so-called kachlíkárna - the House of Trade Unions in Žižkov, the canteen of the Ministry of Interior in the former factory Pragovka and Toman's Villa in the Artillery street in Prague 6, just a few steps from its real villa.

From November, director Trojan moves Toman into the editing room, and editor Vladimir Barak is waiting for a difficult task to cut from a filmed material that would be released on a four-hour opus, a standard length movie. Next to it will be a two-part version for Czech Television. The premiere of the film, originally planned for spring, is likely to be shifted due to demanding postproduction by the end of summer 2018.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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