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Martin Chodur gives a chance to a ten-year-old singer from Beroun

It is eight years since Martin Chodura became the first winner of the TV talent competition Czech Republic Slovakia is looking for Superstar. Since then Martin has become one of the most versatile singers of the young generation, has released three solo albums and is increasingly performing concerts in Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia.

This year, Martin and his accompanying band MACH prepared a series of advent and pre-Christmas concerts, and on two he decided to give the chance to ten-year-old singer Adelka Řehořová from Beroun.

"Adelka is the finalist of this year's domestic Sanremo Junior CZ and when I heard her sing one of the arias from the famous musical" Phantom of the Opera, "I literally lost my chin," says Martin , a young and hard-to-tune talent. "At that moment, it was clear to me that I would invite her to the premiere of my Advent Program, which takes place on the 25th of November this year at Prague Firefighters Theater. Adélka sangs not only the aria, but she will introduce myself to me in a mixture of Christmas songs and carols. And he is also singing with me at the Advent concert in Ostrava on December 11, which will be broadcast live by Czech Radio Ostrava. I realize that it is time to give a chance to a young singer, because if I'm not Superstar, I do not know where I am today, " adds the owner of a three-octave voice.

"For the first time we met Martin in the second half of September, and of course I had a trick,"
admits Adelka. "But it soon vanished, because Martin is a very sympathetic and dear person. He has prepared everything I want to learn and I am already busy learning with my singing professor Renee Nachtigall so that I do not miss the chance that she gives me, but to make the most of it and use the experience of preparing for the Sanremo Junior. Moreover, since I received a bid for concerts, I regularly listen to his albums. We look forward to our cooperation! "

From the very early childhood, Adelka was very fond of singing. Her talents have been noticed in the kindergarten and so began to sing at various ceremonial occasions organized not only by kindergarten but also by the town of Beroun where she lives. At a time when she was still unable to read, she learned without difficulty several pages of memoirs. At the age of 6 she was admitted to the Prague Children's Opera, which was a major event in her previous singing life. Under the professional leadership of Jiřina Marková she performed mainly in the opera band we entertain in the Estates Theater, the National Theater, the State Opera and the Municipal House. In addition to excellent results in singing Adelka, she always excelled in Czech and her style of work was among the best in the year. She enjoys history, she loves to read. They learn very well and are among the class's award winners. Adelka goes to the Wallachian Art School of Václav Talich, where she also attends a ballet school, plays piano and goes to a theater practice.

Martin Chodúr attends seven Advent concerts this year and will be the guest of the Christmas concert - Sen Marika Gombitová on December 2 at the Prague Tipsport Arena . In the following year, he will make his first Christmas album accompanied by the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, whose release will accompany several big Christmas concerts around Bohemia and Moravia.

Source: tz, edited editorially
Photo by Patrik Ratajský

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