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Věra Čáslavská Prize for the Spongebob

Věra Čáslavská Prize for the Spongebob The three-time Olympic medalist in a javelin throw by Barbora Špotáková is the fourth winner of the Věra Čáslavská Prize awarded by the Czech Olympic Committee for the outstanding merit of women in sport and the Olympic movement.

The prizes were awarded twice the Olympic winner in water slalom Štěpánek Hilgertová , the chairman of the Commission for Equal Opportunities in Sport Naďa Knorre and last year Věra Růžičková , the Olympic winner in gymnastics in the team squad.

Věra Čáslavská, who has always handed it over to her personally, died last summer after a long, severe illness. The three gold medals were won at the OH in Tokyo in 1964 and four more were added four years later in Mexico, fifty years later.

"Mrs. Vera was a hurricane. I loved how energy she had been eating from her, how she could pass it on. She won a lot of people, " recalled the seven-time Olympic champion Spotakova, a double champion of the world. "Every prize has its significance, but it is not a better person to name the prize for a woman contributing to Czech sport," added Spotakova, who won gold at the Olympics in Beijing and London and added bronze last year in Rio.

The award of Věra Čáslavská is awarded to the WWTP on the basis of the nomination of the Commission for Equal Opportunities in Sport, which is approved by the Executive Committee of WWTP. It was established with the aim of appreciating the activity of women in sport and the Olympic movement and is given occasionally, at most once a year. Its bearers can be individuals and collectives.

Jiří Kejval, chairman of the WWTP, praised the immediacy and honesty of this year's Spořák laureate. "He says things like he feels," Kejval snapped. "And I like how she was able to combine family and top sport, and after the birth of her son to return to the absolute top, win the third medal at the Olympics and become the world's second time this year," said the chairman of the WWTP.

"The price symbolizes the letter V. It is the initials of Mrs. Caslav's first name, it also means victory and, last but not least, symbolizes the stretched hands in the attitude of the gymnasts after the performance. The stretched-out hands represent the wariness and the proud attitude of the man, "
explained Maria Moisova Hostina, the designer of the trophy, by her motivation.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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