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Passive Smoking - Inconspicuous Killer

Breathing tobacco smoke produced by someone else is definitely not harmless. In addition to lung cancer and heart and vessel disease, passive smoking also leads to higher morbidity among children. How many of these children suffer?

Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals. 70 of them proving to cause cancer. Smoke coming from the end of a cigarette, smoke exhaled by smokers also affects other people. There is no safe period for a person to be exposed to passive smoking without risk.

Heart and vessel suffer

Passive smoking has an immediate effect on the heart and blood vessels. It can cause heart disease and heart attack.
Non-smokers exposed to passive smoking have a 25-30% higher risk of developing heart disease.
There is an increase of 20-30% in the possibility of stroke.
Exposure to passive smoking causes immediate changes in the heart and blood and blood. Even a short stay in the smoke can damage the lining of the blood vessels and cause blood to be colder. These changes can cause a heart attack.

The greatest danger is people who are already suffering from some cardiovascular disease. It is extremely important not to be under the influence of passive smoking.

The risk of lung cancer

Non-smokers exposed to smoke at home or at work have a 20-30% higher risk of developing lung cancer. Even short exposure to passive smoke can trigger the tumor growth process. It is the same as for active smoking, the longer the smoker is under the influence of smoke, the higher the risk of lung cancer.

Infants at risk

Syndrome of sudden infant death is the sudden, unexplained and unexpected death of a child in the first year of life. Passive smoking strengthens the possibility of this death. Tobacco consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome as well as smoking near the baby. Tobacco smoke chemicals penetrate the infant's brain, where it affects the respiratory control center. Children who have died thus have excessive levels of nicotine in the lungs and higher levels of cotinine (a substance exhibiting exposure to tobacco smoke). How to protect your baby from this syndrome?
Do not smoke during pregnancy.
Do not smoke at home and around the baby.
Keep the baby to sleep on his back.

Older children also need to be protected

Children of parents who smoke are more likely to be ill.
Their lungs develop worse than the lungs of children not exposed to smoke.
It suffers more from pneumonia and bronchitis.
More often they have a cough.
Tobacco smoke causes asthma attacks. A child with an asthma sufferer who is exposed to smoke may have more frequent and severe asthma attacks. Some may even endanger life.
Children of smokers are more likely to suffer from ear infections.

Smoking is a disease that hurts you and your surroundings. With a cessation, you will be advised at the hiring center or counseling center.

Source: U lékař
Author: Dominika Šťastná

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