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The Giant Mountains are again clean

The Saturday Evening of the Clean Giant Mountains, where more than three hundred volunteers and KRNAP officers took off along the Krkonoše tour routes and along the meadows in order to collect the waste dumps and destroy the black dumps, was more than successful.

In total, approximately 4 tonnes of waste were collected

The volunteers ran out of our local offices (Harrachov, Rezek, Spindleruv Mlyn, Pec pod Snezkou, Horni Marsov, Cerny Dul) for routes that the guards selected as suitable for collecting garbage. From the resorts they set out the collectors to all the corners of the mountains. During the day, the baggage filled with garbage began to appear at the intersections, which the guards later bore. As usual, garbage and food were handled by garbage and paper handkerchiefs. The collectors, however, surprised the number of children's nappies.

"Every year we organized garbage collection before the summer season for schools and in the autumn a special weekend when they came to help scouts," says KRNAP Director Jan Hřebaček. "We are preparing this event not only for selected volunteer groups but for the general public this year. All employees of the KRNAP Administration were also involved in the event. We were welcomed by the help of our important partner - Škoda Auto. Everybody has a big thank you, " said Hrebecak.

The Clean Giant Mountains event once again pointed out one of the bad habits of a human being as a guest in the countryside: while bringing refreshments to the mountains is not a problem, taking away lightweight empty covers with some visitors, of course, they do not consider . In nature, rubbish decomposes very slowly. In the mountains, therefore, more than elsewhere, we must also take away what we bring with nature.

Source: tz, KRNAP

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