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Out-patient doctors close their clinic - for the day

People who go to a physician with a health problem or just a recipe on October 18 will find a closed door and the PROTEST banner. More than 6,000 general practitioners for adults, GPs for children and adolescents and out-patient specialists from all over the country are closing their clinic for a day. This protects against the treatment of the Ministry of Health. And they warn - we are willing to close even for a long time.

Protest against reduced payments, eReception and EET

The Protest is jointly organized by the Association of General Practitioners, the Association of Practitioners for Children and Adolescents and the Association of Outpatient Specialists.
"We have been beyond the limit of carrying capacity, since January, the eReception is subject to the obligation of eReception without the system being prepared, doctors, pharmacies, and even patients themselves. With the increasing administrative burdens, we are increasingly burdened with the EET, and as a icing on the cake, the ministry is preparing a reduction in payments to GPs. This will mainly affect rural practices. The elderly doctors run away and the young are not going to go into the field. Patients, especially in the outskirts of the republic, should not take care of them, "
explains the reasons for the action MUDr. Petr Šonka, Chairman of the Association of General Practitioners.

As the ministry says, the ministry does not talk to GPs and ignores primary care issues.

According to Statistics of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, 800 outpatient doctors will be missing in 2020 . The practitioner takes on average about 1,700 patients on average. In cities, practices are smaller, about 1,300-1,500 patients, more than 2,000 people in the country, and in some Chebsko or Mostecko locations there are up to 4,000 patients per doctor .

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