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Trip to the Beskydy Mountains: Ostravice offers hiking routes for children in a pram

In the mountain village of Ostravice, there were two fun trails for families with children, including those in prams. Besides, the routes to the Ostravice hikers also follow the cycle paths with resting places, where small visitors of Beskydy with their parents can also go.

"For families with children there is an entertaining pictorial tour with 12 places in Ostravice Tourist Information Center, which shows how they once lived in the Beskydy Mountains. The road leads to the Old Hamer neighborhood, there is a card with a competition, and at the end of the pictorial route again at the Beskydy info center in Ostravice to exchange for nice children's prizes, " says director of Destination Management Beskydy-Walachia Monika Konvičná.

Ostravice also has a guided tour to the highest peak of Beskydy Lysá hora or a network of 5 regional marked trails called "After the bears of the foot" which lead to the surroundings of Čeladná, Malenovice and Ostravice and they have the charm of being marked by local people in places they themselves consider the most beautiful. Bear paws can also go for strollers or handicapped on wheelchairs.

Ostravice was not chosen for leisure with children at random. "It's a place where you can combine leisure-time activities of all sorts. From golf through natural sightseeing tour Peřeje on Ostravici river to hiking. Stay can be combined with a tour of the Na pilu area or cycling on a traditional bicycle and on electric wheels, "says Konvičná, director.

The village runs a cycle path from Frýdek-Místek to Bílá equipped with rest areas. There are three habitats in Ostravice in the immediate vicinity of the cycle path, where cyclists can blow bikes, use the picnic and sit down. In addition, there is one of the 14 Beskydy electro-charging stations in the village.

The proximity of Old Hamer and the Šance dam on the Ostravici River adds another spell to the place. The Masarykovo Valley, for which Ostravice is also the starting point, is one of the most beautiful in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains.

For the fastest orientation in the village of Ostravice and the surrounding area, people can use the webcam or go to a tourist information center - they will find not only in Ostravice, but also in Čeladná, Frýdlant nad Ostravicí or in other 15 places in the Beskydy Mountains. There they can also get the so-called Beskydy Card, a smart card with benefits.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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