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Prague Zoo: Young Maltese tiger is a girl and a boy

Two youngsters of the critically endangered Maltese tiger, who were born in the Prague Zoo last week, are extremely interested. Breeders have already been able to check them for the first time. It's a female and a male.

The larger male weighs 1.75 kg and is very vital. Uncertainty, however, persists with a smaller female whose arrival in the world was complicated. It now has a weight of 1.05 kg. Still not won.

The kitten's mother is eleven-year-old Banya, who has been in the Prague zoo since 2007. The father is then a younger male Johann. The first offspring had a couple already this March, but the rearing failed because the chicks were too small and Banya was an inexperienced firstborn. This time her tiger care is exemplary.

Only 17 adult Maltese tigers live in Europe, and only two zoos have been able to boast so far. In addition, the last success date back to 2013. In the wild, the number of adults in this subspecies is estimated to range from 250 to 340.

Source: tz, Prague Zoo
Photo: Roman Vodička, Prague Zoo

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