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Six tips for kids to learn to scrape scrubs

Children are unobtrusive and curious. Even such a thing as a ranger for them can be an interesting toy. How do you explain that the trauma needs peace to heal, and how can the child convince you to stop scraping?

Do not disable . Adults could appeal to self-discipline, but it is not very effective in children. And not just the smallest ones who do not understand us well. The prohibition of scratching is a sign of good effort, but in practice it is not possible for the child to be carat to follow. When you have to devote yourself to something else, you can see that they do not come up with scratches. This mechanism appears to him to be satisfactory, leading to the goal. They learn that if you do not look at them, they can scratch with impunity. Therefore, skip skip the ban.

Take your attention.
Try to make the baby some fun to keep it off. When you see that he has the urge to scratch, give him a toy, drink, play a song or make him feel sorry. Maybe the scab will stop hissing and the child will forget about the urge.

Try rewards.
For every day when the scabies remain in place, it is possible to give a reward. But you must be careful not to misinterpret the child. It would not be good to conclude that any cooperation and effort must be well paid. Or that you are responsible for his behavior and you will pay him "burning". Give it diplomatically.

Speed ​​up healing.
The wound that is healed does not attract children's nails. So try to maximize your healing. Ask at the pharmacy for suitable formulations such as healing gels or wet healing patches. Varied diet and added vitamins are also beneficial. If the wound will grow, become red or it will go down, go to the doctor.

Do not worry about scars. If you think the scar remains a scar, do not panic. These issues rarely have permanent consequences, but sometimes a longer time for 100% healing is needed.

Consider an expert visit.
Scabbing scabs may also be a manifestation of behavioral disorder. If you will notice anything, you should visit a child doctor and let the child examine you. You'll have peace.

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