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Intense exercise is hampering sexual desire and causing congenital problems, warns scientists

Intense exercise is hampering sexual desire and causing congenital problems, warns scientists Healthy lifestyle of today's women includes a variety of fitness activities. According to the latest research by University of North Carolina scientists, however, women who regularly practice heavy-weight dumbbells or do an extreme workout of several hours do not show good service for their sexual life. Intensive exercise effectively kills women's libido and leads to problems with getting pregnant.

Recent research by the University of North Carolina researchers has shown that long-term intense exercise destroys female libido. According to the study, the simple exhaustion of the body from a large physical load in the gym, according to the study, the hormone levels also change in the overloaded body. Extreme exercise affects the pituitary gland, which then produces less female hormone estrogen.
"Fitness is undoubtedly a healthy lifestyle, and moderate exercise can encourage libido. However, the female reproductive system requires a certain amount of body fat and, of course, hormonal balance. In addition, reduced estrogen production in sexual life causes women to have neither sex nor asthma, which is also not right, " explains Adam Durčák (Rů

There is not only a loss of sexual desire but also infertility

In addition to the fact that intensive and long-term training is hampering sexual desire, it also affects the fertility of a woman. This is confirmed by a survey by Norwegian experts from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on a sample of 3,000 respondents. It shows that there are two groups of women in whom congenital problems have occurred most often. The first group includes women who have intensively trained each day, and those who have been trained to complete exhaustion. "It has long been shown that athletes and top athletes often have the problem of getting pregnant . In severe exercise, the testosterone hormone is produced more strongly in the muscles, the increased concentration of which affects women's ability to conceive, " adds Adam Durčák. After relaxation, physicians say that the hormone level will gradually return to balance and fertility will resume.

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