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European money will help the unique mountain nature of Praděd

European money will help the unique mountain nature of Praděd Nearly four hundred species of plants, some - bee-eaters and Jesenic bells - do not grow elsewhere in the world. Mountain tundra on the ridges, centuries-old spruce on the slopes. Such is the national nature reserve Praděd, with its more than two thousand hectares the largest in the Czech Republic.

The project from the Operational Program Environment should ensure that nature remains as unique in the future. It was acquired by the Agency for Nature and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic.

"Above the forest, she was mowing and catching cattle. Local flowery mountain lawns are colorful precisely because they have helped maintain human care. After they stopped eating, they gradually began to grow. The blueberry has grown, forming rather extensive and continuous stands. Other plant species do not have a chance to survive, " explains Radek Štencl of the Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection Agency of the Jeseníky Nature Reserve Administration.

The project is based on three pillars that respond to the main ecological problems of the area. The mountain lawns are gradually becoming thicker, the natural restoration of the forest complicates the overrun of the great herbivores, who overturn the young trees, especially the broad-leaved trees. Praděd also needs to work more with visitors to understand how and why it is necessary to care for the local nature.

"I am pleased that nature protection is not closing itself. The project is not only aimed at restoring unique nature here, but also paying attention to visitors. Without cooperation with people - tourists and locals - nature can not be protected in the long term and effectively, "says Jan Kříž, Deputy Minister of the Environment.

During the project, about 25 hectares of flowering alpine lawns should be restored, planted and fence protected by 5950 cranes, 700 maples and 450 firs. This will help restore the natural composition of mountain forests. Directly in the field are now two people who are familiar with the nature and its protection. They also monitor the occurrence of selected plants and animals. This year, three informative flyers will also be published - about Petrovy stary, Great Basin and Bílá Opava.

Source: tz, edited editorially
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