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Gaia Mesiah publishes the news of Ten's after ten years! ' And adds a concert.

Shortly before November 2 sets off a complete set of legendary Gaia Mesiah on the TeleporTour Concert Line across Bohemia and Moravia, this band almost exclusively releases a new single with a distinctive title "Force!". For great interest, the band also adds a second concert at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, which will also take place on November 22 from 18.30.

Enthusiasm and great expectations are on both sides, the unbridled Gaia Mesiah has found a lot of energy for joint production and concerts, and the fans have already adopted the almost bewildered legend with open arms. Last year's comeback of the band, which originated in the beginning of the millennium, and which has been permanently recorded in the audience of both the festival and the club audience, markedly disturbed the otherwise quite calm waters of the Czech music scene.

"Gaia Mesiah is still the biggest challenge in life: From zero, start the band, keep track of it, do not give it up after breakup, forgive and come back stronger and more united than before," says Miša M, adding, "All thanks to people they love our music and they did not stop believing even when we were in a coma! "The music that fans missed and is now back, it is mainly a shake of riffs and grooves, some called ethnocor, a frantic crossoverer, a funkmetal, alternative rock, cross-country military, funkycore, tornado or whatever. Even a new single Power! suggests that in November this will be a big cut!

The single is available at YOUTUBE .

After a long pause a few days before the start of the tour, Gaia Mesiah is reported to have a single Power !. Surprisingly, he is both Czech and English and Spanish at the same time. "We release the news for over 10 years, so there's a lot of emotion in the long run," adds singer Mark Rybin. "We wrote together with Marka, who created some melodic lines and Czech text, the arrangements are of course the work of the whole band," adds guitarist Santa Morella and concludes: "Gaia Mesiah is actually a tribe for me. when I was out of his fishing grounds. The initiation ritual is our joint creation, and I would call the new single in Nietzsche's words 'an eternal return of the same'. It's still us, the essence is not changing. "

TeleporTour will be a unique opportunity to see the band in the most authentic series, bassist Josh Stewart is returning from Australia to Bohemia just for these three November weeks. The tour will start on 2 November in Kutna Hora. The Quartet will visit, for example, Valašské Meziříčí, Jablonec nad Nisou, Brno Flédy and, of course, the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, where the tour ends on 22 November with a double concert. At 14 stops, Gaia Mesiah will appear in the original set: Mark Rybin - vocal, Santa Morella - guitar, Miša M - drums, Josh Stewart - bass.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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