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Mushrooming - the healthiest Czech tradition

This year's mushroom season culminates and we have the last chance to go into the woods and trees. Whoever does not miss her will do well for her body, soul and heart.

A brilliant walk

Every minute of walking is counted. If you want to reduce the risk of heart disease, it's no better than starting a regular walk. Physical activity slows the development of high blood pressure or heals it. It works against obesity, high levels of cholesterol and blood sugar and many other ailments that plague many adults. Staying in the tranquil nature and the fresh air will also contribute to your psychological comfort - and this is, as you know, half health.

Health from the basket

What you bring home from the mushroom walk is a real treasure. Mushrooms are a low-calorie food that contains almost no fat and therefore cholesterol. But they are mushrooms of mushrooms full of healthy proteins, containing fiber and complex carbohydrates. They are rich in vitamins (mainly B and D), minerals and antioxidants, but have a naturally low sodium (salt) content. All this makes mushrooms a healthy food that should appear on the plates regularly.

Sins of collectors and cooks

There are, of course, many ways to spoil the beneficial effect of mushrooming. Maybe by lighting a cigarette on a forest walk. Or, just after the end of the mushroom season, you will sit on the couch and will not come out of it until next July. To keep yourself and your heart in shape, keep a walking tradition throughout the year .

And what about the kitchen cooking of the forest fruits does not even frighten you to fry the mushrooms in the oil . The "sausage as a sponge" assay will surely tell you what happens to the unhealthy, burned oil in the pan. A healthy, balanced composition of mushroom delicacies is gone. Neither the sauces and cream soups are ideal. Try to modify the diets - use them in vegetable potato pancakes, lean meats with boiled rice, or serve them as if they are just as crunchy.

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