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Emission measurement stations will photograph all checked vehicles

Emission measurement stations will photograph all checked vehicles Since 1 December, emission measuring stations will have to take photographic documentation of measured vehicles. At the same time, the stations will be connected to the Technical Inspection Stations Information System, where the video record and the measurement results will be stored on-line. The same system as of January 2016 operates on the STK. However, the amendment to the Act on the conditions of road traffic extended the obligation of video recording to emission measuring stations.

"This practice proved to be at the technical control stations. We expect it to prevent fraud in measuring emissions. It should not happen that the car does not really go through the check, but it gets it. The meter automatically communicates with the Ministry of Transport software on-line. Therefore, the measured data in the protocol will not be rewritten, " says Transport Minister Dan Ťok.

A new way of recording emissions measurement should prevent fraud with controls. It will no longer be possible for a vehicle that does not pass the measurement on one station to go to another. The logs will record the times and times of the checks. As with the STK, the emissions engineer will document the front and rear view of the vehicle, the production plate, the tachometer and the VIN code. The captured images will also serve as an additional source of mileage check. At the same time, the change will make the administration easier for SMEs. If one station writes the vehicle data to the system, it will only search for the next measurement and will not need to write the data again.

The stations that will be required to carry out the emissions measurement since December 1 must register into the system. Meanwhile, 950 emission measurement stations have been reported to the system. The number of SMEs is not regulated by the state as opposed to STK. It is possible, therefore, that some emission measuring stations that have been authorized to carry out the activity in the past, but are no longer active or do not want to continue, will not log into the system. Those stations that are interested in providing service to motorists after December 1 must also join.

Source: tz MDČR

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