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Alpha-lipoic acid - balm to the back pain

Back problems are one of the few health problems that sooner or later encounter almost every person. However, there are also people who suffer from these difficulties for a long time. What can help most effectively?

Chronic back pain, most commonly in the area of ​​the lumbar spine, means difficulty lasting at least 12 months. The back sometimes tortures anyone, but this lasting and lasting pain affects a quarter to a third of adults. In addition to reducing the physical activity of the subject, it is also associated with other problems, such as:
reduced appetite,
Sleep Disorders
and an overall reduction in quality of life.

Drugs and alternative therapies

When dealing with chronic back pain, both medications and non-pharmacological procedures are used. Drugs mainly use active substances or groups of drugs to which they belong:
non-steroidal analgesics (medicines used to relieve pain),
opioid analgesics,
myorelaxance (relaxes muscular tension of skeletal muscles),

The disadvantage of taking powders is that because of fears of side effects, a large proportion of patients (especially those previously born) are treated poorly.

In addition to medicines, other treatments and alternative techniques such as acupuncture, physical exercise, yoga or massage can be beneficial. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can also help (psychotherapeutic procedures seeking to eliminate harmful patterns of thought and behavior that manifest externally in the form of health problems).

Wonderful combination

Physicians, based on expert studies, have shown that there is one more significant help in the treatment of back pain. Alpha-lipoic acid is, among other things, the only natural antioxidant that is effective in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy (nerve pain in diabetic patients). Another beneficial antioxidant is superoxide dismutase, which is a substance exhibiting anti-inflammatory action and protective nerves. Researchers evaluated the safety and efficacy of a combination of both of these substances in terms of relieving back pain and improving the physical function of the area.

After 60 days of the combination of α-lipoic acid and superoxide dismutase, nearly 90% of patients experienced pain relief.
The patients commended not only improved physical fitness but also significantly lower analgesic consumption (from only 73.5% to only 8.2%).

Give your back relief!

Does your backache also hurt you? Buy a dietary supplement with a high enough alpha-lipoic acid at the pharmacy. Best of all, which also contains Group B vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances.

Author: Hana Horáková
Source: U lékař

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