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The Capek Brothers in the Children's World. In YMCA Palace

The Brothers of Capek Youth and Children. Under this name, a lecture at YMCA Na Poříčí 12 will be held on Tuesday, November 14 at 6 pm Kristina Váňová, Director of the Karel Čapek Memorial in Staré Huť, will focus on the relationship between Karel and Josef Čapek to children and young people.

In addition to recalling the excellent works of Čapek's brothers for children, there will also be some lesser known facts from the childhood and adolescence of both artists, including their later engagement in favor of poor families. After the lecture will be able to see the other closed roof of the Palace, boasting a unique view of Prague. For those interested in the lecture and the roof tour, the organizers recommend registering in advance at the address of the [email protected]. Admission is voluntary, proceeds are as traditionally YMCA to support leisure activities for children and youth.

"Even though Charles and Josef Capek were not completely surrounded by children - Charles had no descendants and Josef was the father of the only daughter of Alice - they have been returning to the world of childhood for many years and have created many excellent works for the children," says Kristina Váňová. But as soon as he pointed out, it was not just Joseph's Pejsek and Kočička, Charles Dášenka and many other popular fairy tales or pictures that both brothers wrote or drew for small readers. "Their outlook, their life experience and their compassionate hearts have always led them to actively raise awareness of the social issue, including the difficult life of poor children and poor families," says Váňová.

In the lecture she reminds how well known reports from the poor colony of Karlovy Vary, as well as the unique proposal of unrealized charity of his brother Josef, located in the depository of the Postal Museum. "Charity grades have always been a few dollars more expensive than normal, and the proceeds of their sales went just to help children from modest conditions," explains Kristina Váňová.

Lectures on the character

According to Petra Otrisalová, director of the YMCA Palace, the chapchological theme was not chosen by chance. "Karel and Josef Čapek have always represented values ​​such as democracy, culture, freedom, but also honesty, diligence, respect for the human being and help for the needy. Which are good things to remember again in today's turbulent times. YMCA, the world's largest and oldest organization focused on the education, education and general development of young people, is always being promoted, "said Petra Otrisalova.

The current lecture follows the tradition of the popular training cycles that took place at the YMCA Palace in the 1930s. Their goal was to promote healthy lifestyles and, besides the body, to strengthen the character of the youth. "The lectures at the YMCA Palace, which at that time served as a modern youth hostel, were very popular at the time, and many important personalities were involved. Lectured here, for example, by the natural scientist, philosopher and convinced Democrat Emanuel Rádl, one of the founders of the Academic YMCA, an association functioning today. The Boys' Club at YMCA Palace also visited Edvard Beneš, the then foreign minister and confessor of "Ymka" values, " says Petra Otrisalova.
According to her, the ymkaur's pattern was always such a person who significantly exceeded his character traits and acts everywhere around him. "Such a hero of goodwill was also the contemporary and friend of the Čapek brothers, the first Czechoslovak president Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. His life story and his views on humanity, democracy and social justice were then perceived as a purposeful ripening of responsibility and strength. He was a symbol of a strong character, the ideal of chivalry and gentlemanhood, " concluded Otrisal.

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