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Gucci stops using genuine fur with the 2018 Spring Collection

From Spring and Summer Collection 2018, Gucci will be fashionable without fur. October 11, announced by Chairman and Chief Executive Marko Bizzarri. For example, Gucci stops using kangaroo fur on Gucci Princetown, and replaces it with sheep's wool. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Italian LAV, along with the Fur Fashion Mode Alliance, welcomed it with joy. It informs about the Freedom of Animals.

Gucci's fur-free policy applies to fur of mink, coyotes, raccoon dogs, foxes, rabbits and sheep caracas (sometimes referred to as Persian or Astrakhan) and all other species of fur that are fed or trapped in the wild.

The company Gucci to its decision to stop using real fur adds alongside many major fashion brands and stores including Armani, Hugo Boss, YOOX Net-a-Porter, Stella McCartney and others, and becomes part of the international program Business without fur (Fur Free Retailer).

"Gucci's decision will radically change the future of fashion,"
says Simone Paves, fashion manager for LAV's non-animal products. "Respect for animals is gaining an increasingly important place in the value-ladder of people, and large fashion brands are gradually introducing a social responsibility policy that reflects this. Fashion will become more ethical and supply chains associated with animals will become a thing of the past."

"Social responsibility is one of our key values ​​and we will continue to strive to make our environment and animals more thoughtful," says Marko Bizzarri, Chairman and CEO of Gucci.

"The animals in the fur industry have been subjected to great cruelty for decades and have spent their lives in pitiful, dirty cages," says Joh Vinding, chairman of the Alliance for Furless Fashion. "Gucci's decision to adopt a flakless policy is revolutionary and will be an example for the whole fashion industry." Gucci boldly puts on the side of the animals and shows the whole world that the future of fashion is without fur.

The Fur Fur Trade
is an international program that launched the Fur Fashion Mode in 2006. It is currently underway in 20 countries around the world, coordinated by the Freedom of Animals organization in the Czech Republic. Participants in this program are addressed to vendors, designers and manufacturers of clothing and accessories who can join the international network of companies rejecting fur fashion thanks to the project. A list of these companies is published in all participating countries, and customers can instantly recognize their favorite business or reject cruel and unnecessary fur trade. In total, over 750 dealers from around the world are now involved in the project.


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