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A drink of all the best? Water!

What to drink daily is a thorny question. Bad habits are very common in this respect. We will tell you what drinks you will enjoy and what you prefer to avoid.

Occasional consumption does not hurt

The recommended amount of water you should drink daily is about two liters. Someone is less, on the other hand athletes and physically demanding people need more than three liters. Not every drink but the body benefits.
Lemonade. They contain a lot of sugar or sweeteners, which means a huge supply of calories and an unnecessary burden on the body.
Minerals. Natural water is most beneficial to humans, perhaps from wells. In the Czech Republic there is also very good water from the water main. Minerals, compared to "ordinary" water, contain large amounts of salt, which is a burden for blood circulation and kidneys.
Coffee and caffeinated beverages. The body may rather drain.
Beer. It is a misconception that it is the best remedy for thirst. Drinking drinks are generally less tolerated, and the alcohol content does not help too. This does not mean that you can not give your beer - it should not be your drinking regime.

When we drink badly

Insufficient hydration or excess of salt can damage the kidneys. Without these can not live. Any problems with them are very serious and have a profound effect on the life of the patients. Excess sugar causes increased cardiovascular risk. There is perhaps no need to talk about the dangers of alcohol.

Change is easy

For regular lemonade drinkers we have a good message: It is not difficult to drink these beverages. In addition, you can recognize your health and character. You can start with a gradual reduction in the amount of lemonade, but someone is more comfortable with a radical cut. It's up to you.

But you do not have to despair that you will drink water without taste now. You can try so-called infused water. It is currently very popular. You will definitely enjoy it. Quality water with fresh juicy fruit or herbs is a great choice. It smells, tastes and benefits health.

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