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Attention - the melt burns as fast as dry grass

Fire burnt ornamental curables, damaged gravestones and grave decorations are the consequences of annual fires in the cemeteries of the Monuments of the Deceased, People's Soul. The Duchesses come from the 8th century on November 2 and are loosely linked to the All Saints Day.

Dušičky. This day is remembered for all who have left this world. The churches serve masses where people pray for the souls of the deceased in purgatory to redeem them from their sins. And the survivors adjust graves, decorate them with wreaths, flowers, and light candles on them - symbols of the promise of eternal life.

However, firefighters encounter fires from candles, from poor quality candles in plastic packaging. Candles often flare up, and the fire spreads quickly, for example, on a hedge. He burns at a great speed.

One fire " dusk " went to Osík on 1 November 2017 at 11.26 hours fire fighters from Litomyšl and volunteer firemen from Dolní Újezd. In the cemetery, there were fires of about 10 meters in length. According to the investigators of firefighters por. Ing. Alena Cejpova's fire broke out from the candle to the tombstone. The flames spread rapidly. Firefighters destroyed the fire. The damage was provisionally estimated at 5,000 crowns.

"The fire will happen very simply - the poor quality candle in the plastic packaging will not go out after burning, instead of the burning. There is a great heat that causes the lamp to burst, and then the flames will come out . Plastic burns really powerful. If the burning lamp is close to a hedge, it is quite easy to grab it, " explains the firefighters' investigator Kpt. Václav Dostál.

When they start to burn the green that looks green but inside the hedge they are completely dry, it burns like dry grass. The burned ones may not be just a rainbow, but damaged by the fire can also be the graves, the crackling of the decorations, the photos and the inscriptions on the graves can be destroyed.

Source: tz HZS

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