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An animal called autumn

The animal named Autumn was gathering strength all year. Now he's climbing out of the darkness, and in the gloomy November night he sings songs of hope, swallows the sun and blows out a dense fog.

Mentor of autumn game, author of music and lyrics, Jakub König (Kittchen), presents an unexpected musical connection of melancholy and joy. Strong emotions, massive post-rock refrains and silent reflections in the songs help him fill the other members of the project: Marie Kieslowski, Aid Kid, Tomas Neuwerth, Tomas Havel, Ondřej Mataj, Veru Linhart and many others. About the beauty and the dangers of the maddening days is the new recording of the Animal called Autumn and a book of the same name.

Animal named Autumn


The songwriter Jakub König has added another musical body to the portfolio, which he has been working on since 2016. The band or, due to the growing number of members, perhaps more orchestra, is called the Animal named Autumn. "Last September we met in the studio and started to record the album," says Jakub. "We wanted to create a soundtrack to our favorite time of year. We wanted to stick together for the adventurous monster trips for pieces of vicious songs. We wanted to keep our hands in the dark and sing about the light. "

The Animal Project named Autumn under his hands, James swelled, grew and intertwined and changed.
"I knew that I had about ten songs in my hands that they meet them thematically. At the same time, the story unfolded in my head as we recorded. And song lyrics and the dark stream of that narrative were so strangely intertwined. " Similarly, the recording itself had a similar effect . From the first joint grand session in the Jinan 3bees studio to the wild recordings in minor studies of individual members.
"But we did not leave the principle of joint production, it was still a bit like a children's camp. There was a lot of work in the studio, and we flipped through the current ideas. It was terribly uneconomic, but it was a lot better than I hoped to hope for. "

More than a year's progressive recording has changed the songs themselves. Instead, the originally proclaimed light melancholy has fallen to a truly dark tone and often fades away from the songs. "At each recording session I brought some songs and we chose them. Some ideas did not move anymore, other songs with us went all the way to the end and dropped out of the final mix. And when we made the order, it turned out to be a bit of darkness. But it belongs to autumn. While we are accustomed to usually look and behave so that no darkness exists. And when he gets unexpectedly in a dark park, suddenly, our pregnant mind is a good mushroom. So I'm saying that a melancholy dark autumn record might be useful when it comes to you. "

Long recording had one more effect. Producers Tomáš Havlen and Aid Kid had the time to rip the whole record as a gem. They set off on a courageous path that leads to an unconventional sound construction, at least looking at current trends. The final version offers a multi-layered recording that will offer a new version of the Animal, Autumn , every time you listen .

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