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St. Martin opens young wines in the Botanical Garden

This year, it is not allowed in the vineyard of St. Clary's lack of traditional St. Martin's toast. On November 11, at 11 o'clock, visitors can first taste the young wine bearing the 2017 label on the label.

Everyone can choose from a wide selection. Tasty cells will also delight in traditional snacks like goose caldoun or potato dumplings. Live music is used to illuminate the atmosphere. The program will be on the terraces of the vineyard from 11am to 5pm. Admission to the outdoor expositions of the Botanic Gardens of Prague. Prague is free.

St. Vincent's. Klara is one of the largest and oldest vineyards in Prague. Its main advantages include the panoramic view of the Czech capital and the Prague Castle. "For the twelfth year of traditional wine tasting of the wine of St. Klara has prepared a novelty in the form of musical production of cimbalom music and jazz, " says Bohumil Černý, in charge of the Botanical Garden in Prague. m. Prague.

From the age of eleven, the Cimbálka Cimbálka Cimbálka Cimbálka band will play on the terrace of the vineyard house, which will be replaced by Barbora Swinx Boys' sensual jazz.

The historic vineyard in the heart of the vineyard conceals the cozy St Vinotheque. Clare. Local wines are mainly represented here and this year also includes three varieties of grape marc spirit. These visitors will be delighted especially in the moody November weather. The young and St. Martin's wines, however, Clara does not produce due to its small size. "This time, young wines without the 'Svatomartinská' brand predominate, but this year's offer will be more varied. We have prepared wines from the Czech and Moravian regions, completely dry and with residual sugar. We have samples that make the impression of finished wine and very lively pieces. You can also look forward to wines from the Kraus, Nestarec, Hort or Volařík wineries, " says Eliška Muchnová, head of the St. Vincent's Winery. Clare. These wines will be available only until stocks are sold out.

In warmer weather, it is ideal to enjoy the open-air wine on one of the villas' terraces. The unique unique view of the Prague panorama and the chapel of St. Clarry makes the visit an unforgettable experience. But if Saint Martin did arrive in a frosty robe and white horse, we invite you to sit by the burning fireplace in the interior of the wine shop.
St. Vincent's. Clarry closes at 17:00 for visitors. The first St. John's Wine in 2017 will taste traditionally at exactly 11 am.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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