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Tomáš Kočko & Orchestra: From Joy

"Do not be afraid of a fairy tale" - sounds the chorus of one of the songs of Tomáš Koček's new album and his ORCHESTRA. Over twenty songs, three fairy tales, and a small board game in the CD, this is a new album of Joy. Acoustic songs intertwined with three fairy tales by Tomáš Kočko are based on Tomáš's work for the Radost theater in Brno. Tomáš Kočko & Orchestr make a new recording of joy not only to themselves, but to all children and parents.

Tomáš Kočko has been working with Brno's Radost Theater , which has been focusing on children's audiences for many years. Tomáš Kočko describes that the first ideas for the children's recording are associated with the creation of the compilation album Bongo BonBoniera. "It's been a year since my Indies Scope wanted a children's song for the then-child-song sampler. I do not get it, but the seed was sown. Over the next eight years, I directed three fairy-tales and mainly wrote music and songs for them. In the last direction, in connection with Vancouver's book Kubula and Cuba Kubikula, I came across an interesting problem called " fairy tales ": "have classical fairy tales that are so distant to the world of contemporary children, have any sense in life?" Was the premise of the then dispute. That made me think of the idea of ​​making a record for children, and it was a fairy tale! I chanted the songs from my performances, added additional slogans, invited the children from the choir of Brno Campaign Brno, and the whole recording, even though it was a chore, we enjoyed enormously. Fairy tale! "

Soundcloud - The first of the fairy tales on the album - Kubula and Cuba Kubikula

The new album Z Radosti brings songs from three fairy tales that the theater had or has its repretor. The two fairy tales are classic, one modern, even though it has become a classical one - mentioned Kubula and Kuba Kubikula. Each story has its own musical robe, so you can find both the Moravian cimbálku and the Czech scramble on the plate. For the continuity of fairy tales, Tomáš Kočko himself read the accompanying text, which is hidden in pauses. You will hear it only when you insert it in the player and let it play. Random selection of songs makes just those songs. Tomáš's court scenographer Michal Hejmovsky provided the booklet with characters from fairy tales.

Album Z Joy will please not only all fans of Tomáš Kočka's work, but also their parents and especially their kids. So, as Tomáš Kočko sings ... do not miss a fairy tale.

Record Z Radosti will be ceremonially baptized at the traditional Christmas concert in Brno - this time at the puppet theater Radost 14. 12. 2017 at 18:00.

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