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Herbalist for male health: Infertility anchor, erection redwood

Every four hours one man dies in prostate cancer in the Czech Republic. This is apparent from the data of the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations. Awareness about this disease is being attempted to promote Movember, which annually highlights the need to prevent prostate cancer.

The male tribe also covers a number of other typical illnesses that come with increasing age. Nature offers several herbs that can sustain male health in the long run and help with typically male ailments.

The correct function of the prostate is supported by birch, alder, willow and poplar

Patients with prostate cancer increase each year. This type of cancer is among the most common malignant tumors in men. In addition to inheritance, an unhealthy diet, in which fatty meals predominate, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and lack of movement, is the cause of the disease. A healthy lifestyle is therefore an important factor in preventing prostate problems. But it can also be supplemented by a mixture of herbs that take care of the health of the male organs and the overall immunity of the organism. "As a prevention of prostate problems, I recommend herbal cure from birch, alder, willow and poplar. It promotes healthy state and proper prostate function. For the treatment of cancer, irradiation and chemotherapy, a mixture of Carcinae herbs from heather, walnut and eleutherococcus, " advises Jarmila Podhorna, the most well known Czech herbalist.

For infertility, try a marl root or anchor

The common medical disorder that occurs in men is also infertility. Although it has been attributed exclusively to women in the past, the situation has changed today. The problem with the Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company is 10% to 30% worldwide. The cause is usually reduced quality and low sperm rate, poor composition or total absence. Harmonizing hormonal activity and promoting sexual ability in men will help cure marl's root, bayonet, dandelion, oak and birch lambs. Maral's root and berth are a well-known means of improving sperm quality. Ground anchor also has aphrodisiac effects, promotes sexual activity and sperm formation.

With erectile dysfunction, it turns redness

According to the information of the Czech Urological Society, erectile dysfunction occurs in more than half of men over 50 years of age. Rare is not even in younger age groups. Typical causes are smoking and alcohol, but serious diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis or hypertension can also be the cause of it. Erection disorders can also affect psychological problems or the use of certain medicines. "Healthy lifestyle, which is the first step to restoring the correct function of the sexual organ, can be promoted with tinktura from the shrubs, berries and oak. It helps to form male sex cells, stimulates testosterone levels by up to 30% and slows aging both physically and sexually, " explains Jarmila Podhorna.

Crash and hair thinning will help with burdens

According to the International Society for Surgical Hair Restoration, men will be 40% hair before the age of 35. As the age increases, the percentage rises. Most often, the genes that affect the conversion of testosterone can be used for this. Because of it, hair loss is more likely to suffer from men than women. Stress also increases the formation of free radicals that destroys hair onions. The bad environment is again negatively signified on the scalp, which it dries, and the hair then dies. Hair care should therefore be as cost-effective as possible. "With hair loss and hair loss, it is possible to help the bundle, which, in the form of a sprays or oil, is massaged into the hair and skin immediately after washing. The bosom helps to improve the quality of the hair and prevents it from falling. Also important is a herbal cure that promotes the hormonal system, cleanses the body from mold and delivers trace elements. Here are herbs for hormone support - maralí root, berries and oak. On the cleansing of molds can help the penis and give the trace elements to the growth of the hair, then a gemmotherapeutics from pine, redwood or fir, " adds Jarmila Podhorná.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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