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dTest triggers the Double Quality Stop campaign

Consumers are concerned that the same-looking product purchased in the old and new Member States of the European Union has different quality and composition. The dTest consumer organization also launched a website with the Double Quality Campaign. Users will find results of comparison of the quality of selected products on the Czech and Western European markets and developments in this area. They can also send their own product tips for testing.

For the past 25 years, the dTest magazine has published independent tests of products available on the Czech market, and has also focused on comparisons with products from other European countries over the past two years due to the suspicion of double quality. "Our tests have shown that dual quality is a reality, but it is not black and white. In some cases, the quality of goods differs in favor, sometimes to the detriment of Czech consumers, " says Hana Hoffmann, editor-in-chief of dTest.

The different composition of the same-looking products applies to certain foods or to the drugstore. At, consumers will find everything in one place - there are free dTest findings revealing double and equal quality. Visitors to the site will also find test results from other entities, such as the Higher Schools of Chemical Technology or the Slovenian Consumer Organization. "We also invite Czech consumers to send us tips on products that are suspected of having different formulations. It will help us in deciding which products to send to the laboratory for thorough testing, " adds Hoffmann.

The dTest consumer organization seeks to ensure that products with the same packaging are of the same quality across Europe. "We want to make the situation in the market clearer and to make consumers more able to orient themselves in the supply of goods. In the interest of Czech customers, we are demanding that every consumer be able to recognize that the product is in different variants in the course of a regular purchase and to determine the variant, " says the head of the legal department dTest Lukáš Zelený, adding: " Our efforts can support people directly on the website or expressing disapproval of dual quality using hashtags #StopDvojiKvalite on social networks. "

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