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COPD gains strength, life costs 3,500 Czechs per year

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) becomes the fourth most common cause of death both at home and around the world. According to pulmonary doctors, in the coming years it will reach third place in the notional mortal rankings. More than 3 500 people per year die from this lung disease in the Czech Republic, ie 70% more than in the last 10 years. In the world, annual mortality climbs to 3 million.

According to the chairman of the Czech Pneumological and Phthisiological Society (ČPFS) prof. MUDr. Vítězslav Kolík, DrSc., With COPD in the form of chronic coughing, breathing, tiredness and expectoration of mucus, faces almost 700,000 Czechs. "We only treat 250,000 of them. Exactly 145,000 men and 105,000 women. The rest of the people do not know about their illness. Although they are not well, they do not go to the doctor. They are troubled and aggravated by COPD with poor living habits, staying in a dusty environment or smoking, " says Professor Kolek. Treatment of COPD is at high level in the Czech Republic. According to MUDr. Vladimír Koblížka Ph.D., Deputy Head of Science and Research at the FN Clinic of Infectious Diseases in Hradec Králové, Czech pneumologists have available the latest medical procedures for pulmonary transplantation, bronchoscopic procedures, treatment with home fans, oxygen and many new inhalation drugs for the most serious cases .

"In terms of ways and means, we are the best in Central Europe. As one of the few European countries we have fully-funded augmentation treatment. It effectively retards the destruction of lung tissue and improves prognosis - it prolongs life by more than 5 years - in patients with genetic deficits. He is responsible for early COPD in younger people, " explains the doctor. Since 2013, the Czech Republic has a modern therapeutic recommendation for ambulances and a unique database of heavy patients systematically monitored in regional and university hospitals. However, care for heavy patients is very expensive and its effect is not optimal. "A large part of the lungs are irreversibly destroyed in the late stage of the disease," adds MUDr. Koblížek.

The greatest emphasis is given by Czech pulmonary doctors to effective primary prevention of this extremely serious disease. "Fighting cigarette dependence is the most effective tool in the COPD war. He can completely stop lung destruction - especially if it occurs in the early stages of the disease. An important complement of primary prevention is the early targeting of patients in a group of people at high risk of developing it, " says MUDr. Koblížek Ph.D.

For those who know and cure their illness, pulmonary doctors often find themselves unable to use inhaled drugs through which they receive medicinal substances. "We go to the Republic and teach the seniors the right inhalation technique. We encourage everyone to move and walk at least 4-5 thousand steps a day. Physical fitness is extremely important for the treatment of COPD, " says MUDr. Stanislav Kos, CSc., Chairman of the Czech Civil Society against Pulmonary Diseases (ČOPN).

As part of the World COPD Day, which falls on 15 November this year, COPN organized an Open Door Day in pulmonary clinics with the Department of Outpatient Pneumologists. In a total of 80 surgeries across the republic, on 22 November, the door will open to all those who want to discuss their condition with a pulmonary doctor. "The exact list of places will be found at and Last year we reviewed 851 people and found pathological findings in 120 of them, " recalls MUDr. Basket.

Another place where people can check the condition of the lungs are the stands in the shopping centers. Here, pulmonary doctors, along with nurses, will perform pulmonary function measurement - so-called spirometry. In the event of a finding, people will get recommendations to their GP.

According to Professor Kolko, the activities of Czech pneumologists go hand in hand with the activities of the European Respiratory Society (ERS), which has 34,000 members. Thanks to their joint membership, Czech pulmonary doctors have direct access to all the latest scientific information, and together they are also engaged in educational activities for the public as part of the long-term Healthy Lungs for Life campaign.

Where this is measured from 12 am to 7 pm this year:

20. 11. - Hradec Králové, Aupark
21. 11. - Olomouc, Šantovka
22. 11. - Prague, OC Letňany

Source: tz, edited editorially

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